Monica Foster’s Folks = NOT ELDERLY!

So while Monica Foster plays the victim card and feels sorry for herself, calling her parents “elderly,” we call complete and utter bullshit on this one. We have seen pictures of her dad that she has posted of him doing charity walks and the man is in exceptional shape – for any age. Dollars to donuts his dumb ass daughters wouldn’t be able to keep up with him on a 5k walk. Keep sucking on those cancer sticks and pouring booze down your gullet and wondering why you’re in sorry ass shape, you idiot hooker.


On top of which, this moron has attacked many family members of performers, directors and even attorneys. Nothing has been off limits for this vile creature. She has created cartoon likenesses of her enemies and taunted them and made fun of them and as we all know, she is fresh off a $167,000 defeat in court for libeling an attorney’s wife. It’s a real shame her family had to be brought into this but she pushed and pushed her foes until they had no choice. They hit her where it hurts and she is now so angry that she is threatening to kill her foes, but we know this will never happen. She’s a coward that would never meet anyone to their face and she would shit her granny panties at even the thought of prison, much less actually having to do time.


This is a vile, disgusting, sorry ass excuse for a woman and there is no evidence that her squeaky clean parents support her poor life choices. Odds are that they don’t. We believe that she doesn’t care about her family. Otherwise, why would she hurt them by doing vile disgusting things on camera and then going on a very public anti-porn crusade that put her and her family’s personal life in the spotlight? We think that she’s now pissed only because her enemies got over on her. Does she even communicate with her family? She’s not even with them on the holidays . By all accounts, she’s estranged from her family. Let’s make it perfectly clear: MONICA FOSTER and Foster alone did more harm to her family by her decision to do smut than any of her internet enemies could do to them. Look, these hard working black professionals did not get educated and work hard to end up with a couple of sad sack daughters. Their work was not rewarded. Hopefully they are having a relaxing retirement.


The pity party this gross woman throws for herself on a daily basis is really disgusting. She lives in a fantasy land where she believes she is some sort of beauty queen and where she attacks the looks of other performers and even non performers. Even the attorneys involved in their recent case against her. Those men don’t make a living off their looks they make a living from their brains, something she is in short supply of. She then expects no one to go after her strange looks. Remember, she failed to make it in a business where 90% of the job is based on a person’s looks. She attacks the looks of male performers and attorneys, they don’t have to look pretty to get their jobs done but YOU DO and YOU FAILED! You aren’t anything special, dear. Don’t take our word for it take the word of the directors, fans, heck even johns didn’t want you, even cam johns didn’t private you enough to keep your head above water. Sad. You suck.


There isn’t a single person this woman has been involved within the past few years that she hasn’t turned on and become enemies with. This is not a nice person. Certainly, she’s full of shit when it comes to this Christian Porn Star nonsense. Her actions are not consistent with what a Christian is supposed to act like. We believe she plays the religion card to cover her ass for being a completely vile, slimy, sleazy, gross excuse for a human being. Religion sucks because it allows people like Foster or low lives like the 9/11 terrorists to commit their sick acts while they hide behind some bogus religion. Shame on you all.


This is a vile human being that pulled her family down in the muck with her, although, they are much, much better off than she will ever be. We believe that she is jealous of even her own parents being that they both have retirement funds and possibly pensions and aren’t wasting their lives away on social media. They also know the joys of marriage and having kids and even though neither of those endeavors turned out that well for her parents, this is something that Monica Foster will never know. She will never accomplish what her parents have and for this reason we believe that she did this to her own parents. There are rumors that she outed her parents herself, on Porn Wiki Leaks, many years ago. We just wonder…


The purpose of this article is to point out that her dad at least, is not an elderly man. He is less elderly than his dumb ass daughter and probably thinner. Let’s do a physical competition between the two and watch her fit dad blow past his fat drug addicted, alcoholic and smoker daughter. We leave Foster with a link to a prison discussion forum. We suggest she spend her Saturday night curled up with a box of wine reading the stories of what prison is like. It isn’t pretty. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life in prison for murder? If you commit murder in your state of Nevada you could face death. Think, just THINK!



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