Monica Foster’s Labor Day weekend negativity

300,000 people flocked to Las Vegas for Labor Day weekend. How did Monica Foster spend her Labor Day weekend? Crying, making threats to people, and just being negative minded. I find it amusing how a Christian who promotes the love of Jesus Christ and tells everyone that they need him, is such a negative minded person 24/7.

We have seen Foster tweet for hours non-stop being negative in the past. We have also witness her Tweet hate and antisemitism on holidays such as Christmas.

She needs serious help!




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  1. yeah, can you imagine, hundreds of thousands of people streaming into vegas over the holiday, fucking, drinking, partying, having a good time, winning money, dining at fine restaurants, getting massages, etc and foster sits in her room and trashes porn people, which is now an industry that she has been gone from for like 5-10 years. she’s like that black broad who ran over people on the strip awhile back cause she was jealous that they were having a good time and the black asshole was living in her car with her kid. blacks just never blame themselves, it always someone elses fault. no accountability in people with these african genes.

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