Monica Foster’s second single has been released and it’s worse than the first one!

We are pleading with Monica Foster to stop this charade. She sucks. She can’t sing for shit. She needs to get some lessons from a professional, not some hack like Barry Nelson who himself sucks at music. Then she needs to to go an open mic night somewhere in Florida and try her luck with the crowds.

She is located less than an hour outside of Miami where we located several open mic events:

If she can’t take her show on the road and play in front of real fans instead of her fan bois who will kiss her ass no matter what, she will never make it in the business. She just can’t take criticism and never has been able to. She needs her block button to assure that she stays in her echo chamber and only gets critiqued by those that will 100% give her positive reviews.

You cannot make it in music sitting on the couch and the gigs in Nashville and wherever will never happen until she gets off her fat butt and goes out in public and plays. She could even play on the beach or on a street corner at any time of day she wants.

We wish her luck but our unprofessional opinion is that she is not cut out for the music business. She was better at sex than she is at music and she was not great at sex.


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