Monica “I’m a happy person who lives a great life!” Foster spends her Friday night alone, watching Star Trek!

Another great Friday night in Las Vegas for Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers. She spent it alone, watching Star Trek episodes and making racially charged Tweets online. Oh, but she was quitting Twitter and only using it to post links to her hate blogs. So much for that plan which lasted all of a day. This woman has absolutely no life outside of social media which she will no longer have access to come March.

Foster is really broken up about the closet homosexual leaving office after 8 miserable years. I mean, why wouldn’t she be? When he came into office she had an apartment, a car, a source of income, her life still sucked but it was nothing compared to her post-Obama life where she is sponging off her retired parents, has a terrible online reputation, no money, no car, no boyfriend, legal troubles and insurmountable debts with an upcoming court date that could leave her half a million dollars in the hole. She also is potentially HIV+. For some people, it’s all about race. She’d gladly have had the homosexual for another 4 years even if it meant her life would remain the pits.

And so she sits home alone on weekends, linking to her hate blogs and #fakenews stories from bogus “news” outfits and posting racially charged comments while hugging her pillow and dreaming of her White ex-boyfriend. What a life – and she’s still got her March court date to look forward to.

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