Monstar: Blogger Of Mallcom Owned Site Threatens Violence? Pulls Facts Out of His Ass

Monstar has posted several rebuttals on his own site, to the diatribes about him and Angelina Armani. Here are a few:

Monstar posts: Ryan Rayzer blogs for a Mallcom owned website. He likes to blog and tell tales and vent his often maligned opinion. On his site Bitch Boy (as here on referred to) decided, on a whim, that one of the 2010 AVN Award nominees did not meet criteria.

What does bitch boy base this on? Not much but let’s take a look.

Bitch Boy blogs:

“one name stands out and that is Angelina Armani. Why is she on this list? She was in attendance at the AVN 2009 awards with Digital Playground as their contract star and if I remember correctly, she even had a movie out then so if she was “new” then wouldn’t she have been a new starlet a year ago?”

So why does Bitch Boy not say shit about Riley Steele? Riley was at the AVN 2009 award with Digital Playground. Riley even had MORE movies out than Armani in January.

Riley Steele was in Fucking Pirates 2*. Which was released four months BEFORE Angelina Armani: the Big Hit! BEFORE Angelina was signed to Digital in October of 2008.

BUT does Bitch Boy Say ANYTHING About that. Absolutely not. Maybe because Mallcom owns his ass and biting the hand of one the biggest sellers might not look good in massa’s eyes.

Keep pimpin, Bitch Boy Keep Pimpin.

Monstar also writes: Ryan Rayzor, blogger for a Mallcom owned website, has suggested that I be bitch slapped. While this type of behavior may fly within the walls of Mallcom, I do not believe that it should be encouraged elsewhere or online. And while a “bitch slap” maybe something devastating in Rayzor’s world, I submit that to most men it would be but an annoyance. But then again, maybe he is used to being a bitch and that’s his move.

If Mr. Rayzor wishes to take the reins and back up his suggestions, I am available. However I take it lightly because I think Ryan, much like the diseased animal that ejected him from her rotted womb, has no back bone and will continue to cower under the safe harbor of anonymity and his “keyboard warriorness”. Ryan can be reached here: [email protected]

Another Monstar post: So Whin’in Rayzor is complaining about Angelina Armani’s AVN BEST NEW STARLET Nomination. He singles her out for some reason. Bitch Boy (Razor’s title here) goes on a lengthy rant about how long ARMANI has been in adult. What he neglects to mention, there are other nominees that have been in just as long if not longer.

But that would fuck up his rant if he mentioned that and he couldn’t get in his cheap shots at me. But that is for another time. Let’s poke holes in bitch boy’s paper thin theory, shall we?

Courtesy of the fine people over at we’ll go by the earliest release date by the nominee:

Brynn Tyler – Cable Guy Sex Vol. 1 Released: 2/14/2008
Aryana Starr – 1st Time Black Amateurs 3 Released: 3/14/200
Natalia Rossi – Schoolgirl P.O.V. #6 Released: 3/30/2009
Angelina Armani* – Manaconda #3 Released: 4/1/2008
Asa Akira – Top Notch Bitches 7 Released: 4/14/2008
Nicole Ray – Jailbait #5 Released: 7/2/2008
Emy Reyes – Toe Service #2 Released: 8/5/2008
Riley Steele – Naked Aces 5 Released: 8/12/2008
Britney Amber – Fresh Outta High School 11 Released: 8/15/2008
Sadie West – Fresh Outta High School 12 Released: 9/12/2008
Tanner Mayes – My Personal Panties Released: 9/22/2008
London Keyes – Boobaholics Anonymous 4 Released: 10/13/2008
Kagney Linn Karter – She’s Got Big Boobs! Released: 1/7/2009
Kiara Diane – Jack’s POV 13 Released: 2/10/2009
Janie Summers** – Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 5 Released: 3/9/2009

So, wait a second. You mean there were OTHER nominees that have been in porn LONGER than Armani?

HMMM…. this begs the question….

Bitch Boy, how does it feel to be OWNED?

* As Arianna Armani

** As Heather Starlett

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