Monster Tits – Whole lot-a-fun

(Burbank, CA) – Elizabeth Starr is used to getting a lot of attention with those gorgeous 44 double “I”s, but Friday night on The Wanker Show, she proved she likes giving attention as well.

Starr and special guest, Bella Maria, attacked CoHo “Daisy” live on the air and tongue fucked her until she screamed in ecstasy. Moments earlier, Bella Maria demonstrated her squirting skills by using a dildo to get her pussy fountain shooting through the air, once nearly short circuiting the in-studio web cams. The evening proved that last week’s wild sex acts were no fluke, guests are becoming more sexually active, on the air.

“I cannot believe how hot it’s getting in here lately,” stated KSEXradio host, Flexx of the show Ebony Nights, “I usually see a lot of tits and ass flashed my way, but lately, all the guests just want to get it on.”

And get it on they do. With each other, with the show hosts, with themselves–whoever’s available. Wankus thought it was wild when adult performer, Dynamite, grabbed his member and insisted on sucking it. Now, only a week later, two or more performers have made the offer, and when turned down, they offered the love to someone else in the room.

KSEXradio webmaster, Harry Tate, commented, “I need to change my hours so I can work nights. I keep getting picture discs on my desk to upload and when I go through them, I can’t believe all the sexy action I missed.”

The action won’t stop now. Make your way over to, every night of the week. Get a web cam membership and you’re sure NOT to be disappointed.

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