More Disturbing Facts About Convicted Child Molester Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow

Let’s get right to it.

Let’s get to the story that everyone’s dying to hear about but nobody wants to talk about.

The Kurt Brackob scandal is probably this biggest thing to hit this industry this year that doesn’t involve HIV, hepatitis C or syphilis. This has to do with the age old stigma that our business is associated with pedophilia.

It doesn’t just involve the usual corrupt suspects like Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition. This one actually reaches to one of our major news organizations in the adult business, XBIZ.

XBIZ has a show coming up, the XBIZ 360 and the awards show featuring the Jenna Jameson celebrity train wreck.

What we have found out is that XBIZ does business with pedophiles, too.

Now do I think that Dan Miller and Alec Helmy knew that they had a child fucker of such epic proportions in their midst? Absolutely not. I honestly don’t think that. I don’t think that a year ago they knew that a child molester was speaking on one of their panels.

I do think that there should have been someone, whoever it is that sets up their panels, to find out a little about the people appearing on them and vetted them. When you’re promoting an industry event and you have ten or so seminars, you should know something when it comes to their credentials to see if they’re qualified to speak, whether it’s a discussion about dildoes or whatever. Especially if they’re gonna have the XBIZ 360 logo emblazoned on the backdrop behind them.

I realize that this isn’t a summit of world leaders, it’s a pornography show. But I would think they would at least ask someone like Diane Duke something about her Sex and Politics panel.

At last year’s XBIZ 360, Diane Duke moderated a panel entitled Sex and Politics. One of the people on that panel was Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow. Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow is a convicted child rapist.

We have been uncovering a lot more information on Brackob that is even more sinister than first thought. It’s a scandal that goes back to the Bush administration and involves ambassadors in Romania, an orphanage and a child sex ring in Romania involving Kurt Brackob videotaping eight year old children in sexual situations.

And get this. Kurt Brackob was alleged to have been a local operative of the CIA.

Take a look at this:

So Kurt Brackob is someone who has experience infiltrating organizations and here he is now in the adult business. Here you have someone who has been involved with Diane Duke for over a year now.

Diane Duke puts together a discussion with herself and four other people called Sex and Politics. How do you just put four people together on a panel to discuss something without knowing who they are? The answer is, you don’t. She knew. She knew for over a year.

Now Alec Helmy and company can legitimately say that they would put their faith in someone like Diane Duke putting together this panel without them having to do the research. Diane Duke put together the panel. She put together a panel and Helmy and company didn’t check out who was on the panel because they figured that Diane did.

Alec Helmy and Dan Miller didn’t hire this person, but they sure as fuck know what’s going on now. And they sure as fuck should not be remaining silent now. We posted a story on this and a picture of Brackob from the XBIZ 360 conference a year ago on Take a look.

The headline says, why are these people covering for a pedophile? They are spinning a story that nobody knew who Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow was.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you finally starting to see that Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow isn’t someone who has just been “popping up” at events? Mike South still hasn’t corrected the misinformation on his site about Brackob being “invited” to the Free Speech Coalition panel in April of this year in Vegas. Kurt Brackob organized and paid for it.

I’m trying to figure out why Mike South would cover for a pedophile. Is it because Marc Randazza, who appeared on this panel is one of his advertisers?

Alec Helmy and Dan Miller have been notified of the situation and I’m a little disappointed that they still haven’t reported on it. Everybody now knows what’s going on, yet everyone still remains silent. I get what’s going on with them though, they’re figuring out what they are gonna do, because they are involved with Free Speech Coalition and put on events with them and so on. So I get that.

AVN are just on their own island. They’re owned by Manwin. I’ve predicted this will be the last show in Vegas, the last award show. They are poised for reduction or elimination as Manwin are reducing or eliminating their other entities. You have Mark Kernes who occasionally writes this long winded legal mumbo jumbo and can’t understand why the world treats us like shit when we pay our taxes like everyone else. But when you have a pedophile working in our business you can sorta figure it out. So what comes from AVN is expected.

Then you have Mike South who likes to present himself as some kind of beacon of truth and it’s just perplexing to me why he would cover up for a child molester. He reported on the story on Thursday and said I was blowing it out of proportion. Friday he puts up two stories to bury the story and we proved that everything he said was wrong.

Kurt Brackob went to jail for fucking a kid. He was punished. That doesn’t mean he was rehabilitated. That little button that makes him want to fuck children is still there.

You know, I still have people who say I used to bounce checks, slap people around or make them wait in a lobby. I can’t ever seem to shake that stigma. To this day I get shit for things that happened ten years ago while I was preparing to go to prison and I was losing everything I had.

Yet, here is a guy who’s been part of our industry for over a year who fucks children, videotapes them and is part of a Romanian child sex ring. How is that information just something that everyone seems to forget? How come nobody wants to talk about that?

I went to prison for obscenity and lost everything. There are still girls out there that don’t know me who will say, “Oh Rob Black? I heard he did this and that and he really raped women in his movies and that’s why he went to jail.” I did a depiction of rough sex in a movie between two consenting and well compensated adults. Kurt Brackob raped children for real and I’ll bet he didn’t even buy them an ice cream cone.

If anyone else brought this story up people would be outraged, but because it’s Rob Black, the man with the checkered past, child rape is like, totally cool, man.

Mike South is reporting on his site now about some goof in Texas who is stalking porn chicks on Twitter and trying to con them. What’s he doing is no different than what fifteen other low life pieces of shit do everyday in Porn Valley, from claiming to be an agent to actually being an agent and doing the same things this guy is being accused of doing. But nowhere does it say that he fucks kids. Therefore, who gives a fuck?

We’re not talking about a slow news cycle. We’re not talking about a day when nothing’s going on and Tom Byron puts up a story about us being gay in The Cellar. A slow news day when we put up something about agents or something non specific because nothing’s happening. Mike South is talking about girls who put up pictures everyday and say “I fuck for money” and here a guy comes along and tries to get it for free. If they’re too stupid to figure it out, they are too stupid to be in the sex business and nothing Mike South posts on his blog about some loser in Texas is gonna change that.

Mike South is posting about a grown man scamming grown stupid porn chicks. Not a thing about the guy fucking children. But Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow is fucking kids and Mike South doesn’t wanna to mention it or correct his mistakes when he does talk about it.

Read Mike South’s post about Brackob if you can find it. It’s about halfway down the page. Since it’s been posted we’ve proven that everything in it is a lie. You would think that he would at run a follow up story and say my bad, I was wrong.

So you have Rob Black out here screaming about the corruption and coverups in the business and a business that looks at the world and goes, “So? We know we’re on life support, we know we’re gonna die soon and we don’t care. We’re gonna just keep on riding this thing and if something happens like the Feds come in, if it happens it happens. We’re just gonna make what money we can until it’s not there anymore.” And life goes on. That is apparently what everybody’s gonna do.

We report on Derek Hay getting kicked out of the Vivid building and moving to Vegas. Mike South says he’s not moving. Then Monica Foster comes up with information that Derek Hay bought a two million dollar house in Vegas five miles from Marc Randazza. The plot thickens in the coagulated filth that is the adult business.

Mike South fuels bullshit to get everyone away from the fact that Alex Gonz exposed talent to hepatitis C and that a convicted pedophile has infiltrated the adult business.

These people are eventually going to be in a situation where someone asks them questions. They’re are gonna have to stick their heads up at some point to address these issues. They’re not going away.

Maybe they won’t address them publicly but some people are eventually going to pull them aside and say what the fuck? It’s time to end this thing called Free Speech Coalition.

There is a board election coming up. These questions are going to be brought up and they will have to be answered.

I get that it’s a touchy subject. Child fucking. Pretty fucking rough. But that fact that no one is addressing it in any way is perplexing to me. Is it because it’s coming from me?

Unless all of this information I’m reading that is readily available is wrong and completely made up and this is just a massive conspiracy, then I would have to say it’s all true. How do you ignore facts?

Guys, we’re not talking about a bunch of shit I’m making up. We’re talking about facts that are printed in newspapers. Do you understand that? Newspapers.

This is a huge scandal. Huge. And nobody’s talking about it. I don’t get this. I get it about diseases and everyone has a different version of events and people like Michael Weinstein and pointing fingers at who is to blame.

But this is real shit. Real shit. There is no disputing the facts. Here is Brackob’s Nevada sex offender notification. Here are his arrest and prison records. Here is a Washington Times article that talks about his pedophilia and his attorney admitting he fucked a thirteen year old child. If you go to, there are links to all of this information about Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow the child fucker.

There is no way that Diane Duke, Julie Meadows, Marc Randazza or any of the hierarchy of the business didn’t know that Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow was a child fucker. This is not something Rob Black is making up because he has some kind of vendetta against them.

This is not something I made up because I have nothing better to do than fill up five hours a day when I spent two hours on Friday screaming about my landlord and if I didn’t have to talk about porn I would’ve spent another two hours talking about that cocksucker.

I’m not doing this for my health. If I was doing something for my health, it would be relaxing on an island somewhere with large breasted Mexican ladies.

Not making up stories about Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow the child fucker.

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