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(PALM HARBOR, FL) — Sweet and cheery Felicia Fox wasn’t her chipper self at Nightmoves Publisher, Paul Allen’s house Sunday morning. “I almost beat the shit out of Simone last night,” she told Top Pro Talent, “security told us to keep it down in our room and she kept making all kinds of noise and was acting like a bitch. We were nose to nose and people had to pull me away from her.”

Up and cumming adult star, Simone, who won a few awards a day earlier at the poolside bikini contest, has a little bit of a history of pissing people off with her attitude. At the last Adultcon, Daisy of KSEXradio almost went to blows with Simone over some silly attempted trickery claiming to others that she was not allowed to have a free t-shirt. Simone said she never got one in an cheesy move to get a second one free. It was a childish incident but led to a potentially ugly outcome. Talking down to Daisy from New Jersey isn’t usually the smartest decision a person can make. Most men, who at one time crossed her, now fear Daisy.

In Florida, aside from the Simone altercation, a phony fire alarm hoax that forced everyone to exit from the hotel and an overly violent bouncer at Oz Strip Club, the weekend seemed to go by smoothly with everyone having one hell of a good time.

In the Health and Wellness category, Tara Moon complained of a broken titty sack, one that was apparently leaking a lot of fluids. She is currently dancing with uneven tits, in an attempt to make enough money to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Sean Michaels amazingly staggered through the weekend after a limousine driver ran over his foot. No bones are believed to be broken but the foot is swollen badly. The trooper that Sean is, he still went out with the caravans of stars, visiting fans, while in excruciating pain.

Anh from claimed to have a stomach virus, although was seen in downtown Tampa Sunday morning at 4am, drunk beyond belief. Chances are, his pain was self inflicted.

No series injuries, altercations with the police or drug overdoses this year. One person who asked not to be mentioned by name said, “Yeah, every year there’s at least one biggy…a porn star arrest, alcohol poisoning, we’ve had drugs put people in the hospital, you name it…but this year seems to be going real well. I haven’t heard of any incidents.”

At the pool party Allen held for the stars, Ron Jeremy went out of his way to say hello to TPT. Victoria Givens, Jacklyn Lick, Belladonna, Alexis Amore’, Montana Gunn, Carmen Luvana, Christi Lake, Vandalia, Gina Lynn and scattered others got naked right away and laid by the pool all afternoon, while dozens of pervs snapped photographs.

Don Benn of Porno News Network was in town, shooting hot video while taking breaks for air conditioning periodically–something all party goers were doing…sneaking into the house to cool off.

Monday night nearly everyone in attendance will attend an annual awards show and by Tuesday morning, expect Los Angeles to welcome back half of the porn industry.


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