More From The Vault : Kristi Myst and The War With AVN

In 2000, Extreme Associates got into a public relations war with AVN and then owner Paul Fishbein.

After a few years we all sat down and kissed and made up, but we did a few things to kinda stir the pot.

One of these was the video with Kristi Myst where she fucked an AVN trophy and sucked the cock of a man she called “Paul”

We found this little gem recently and decided to share it with you. Check it out on the front page.

Also on the video is Thomas Zupko at the Vegas show returning his AVN award to John Stagliano that he won while he was at Evil Angel and thanking John for firing him so he could work at Extreme.

Just a few more antics from the the crazy crew at Extreme. Keep checking back on AdultFYI and see what else we can dig up!


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