More: Gene Simmons Sues Makeup Artist Over Alleged Sexual Harassment Charges

from – Gene Simmons is throwing the first punch in a bizarre legal battle with an ESPN make-up artist.

The KISS superstar has filed a lawsuit against Victoria Jackson who had demanded he pay her $185,000 or she’d sue HIM for allegedly humping and grinding on her during a momentary encounter several months ago.

According to Simmons’ lawsuit, on January 29 he received a demand letter from Jackson’s attorney. She claimed that two months earlier, following a KISS concert in Los Angeles, Simmons hugged her and “humped” and “grinded” her.

She claimed she’d experienced “humiliation, shame, embarrassment,” etc. The lawyer also insisted Simmons get in contact to “resolve this matter short of litigation.”

That was followed by a May 4 demand from Jackson’s attorney, Simmons’ lawsuit states. They wanted Simmons to cough up $185,000 or Jackson would sue him.

Simmons struck first., and is now claiming that Jackson’s claim is provably false. He was in costume, in a suit of armor, no less.

No humping or grinding possible.

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