More Lies from Diane Duke, Or Is It Just Plain Ignorance?

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There’s a YouTube Clip of a debate, several months ago, between Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition and Brian Chase, legal counsel to the AHF.

Like James Lee who portrayed a naivete of what adult industry performers are up to in their off hours,, Duke also displays a blithe ignorance about the machinations of studios and producers on porn sets.

Chase said he’s talked to a lot of industry performers who would like the option of condoms.

“But any performers who express that will not find work,” says Chase.

“Jenna Jameson might be the most famous porn star out there. And she flatly said that there’s a black list that if you want a condom you’re not going to work.”

“Most of our studios are condom-optional,” interjects Duke who claimed what Chase had just said was not true.

“Many of our performers are saying they prefer not to use condoms. Nina Hartley who’s my age says condoms breaks down her natural barriers because the friction is uncomfortable and they prefer not to. She believes it’s much, much safer to have the testing out there. If you talk to any performer you’re going to hear that.”

Duke said at a Cal/OSHA meeting, the room was packed with performers who didn’t want condoms.

“And they were about to tear the room apart because they were so angry at people telling them what they do. They have options of what they want to do. [Not true.]

Chase, on the other hand, noted that adult film producers “seemed to have managed to convince a lot of performers that it’s either or- that they can’t have both testing and condoms. There’s no legal reason you can’t have both and the producers are telling performers that. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Duke immediately contradicted Chase.

“Producers are not telling them that,” said Duke.

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