More On Porn’s Pursuit of 3D- Not Ready for the Closeup Mr. DeMille?

from – We know Sony and Samsung are desperate to get porn in the commercial side of things, we also know that Hollywood is itching to get the grimy form of ‘entertainment’ into the 3rd dimension. It was reported [last week] that Tinto Brass, a famous Italian filmmaker is ready to shoot the world’s first-ever 3D pornographic production.

For those who didn’t know, Brass is the man who made the controversial 1979 erotic film ‘Caligula’, which was ravaged by critics at the time of its release but has since become a cult favourite. According to Brass, the film is going “to revisit an abandoned project about a Roman emperor that was ruined by Americans, and go from there.” Brass is working on the script at the moment but the film will be shot beginning in May. Another noted director Gapar Noe is also planning on shooting a 3D porn film. At the Cannes film festival Noe stated that the project is “a joyful movie with explicit sex” – in 3D.

Recently we reported that Kathee Brewer, a former editor-in-chief of trade journal AVN Online and a co-founder of irreverent sex, politics and culture site, thinks that there are good things about 3D porn. “I think 3D porn may loom toward the ‘too weird’ end of the scale this time. Don’t get me wrong — it’ll be popular, but I’m not sure how quickly it will catch on” she said.

Brewe said that studious are already investing in 3D cameras for porn films, “3D cameras are no challenge for adult, really. Sometimes, the difference in the way adult producers think has to evolve in order to make 3D pr0n interesting, and THAT can be challenging the gadget? Heck, adult content folks are all over every new gadget that comes down the pike. Studios already are investing in the hardware. One gay adult studio made the leap to 3D porn about a year ago.” she said.

According to Brewe the biggest challenge for the porn industry to go the 3D way is the excess amount of ‘clarity’ in the films, and the fact that people would have to wear 3D glasses to watch the films. “Consumers aren’t so wild about having to wear special glasses to view porn although some really love feeling like they’re ‘in’ the scene. I’m not quite sure how comfortable I’d be with a 3D porn closeup.” she said.

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