More proof that Monica Foster is mentally challenged

Recently, Desi Foxx slapped Monica Foster with a reality check that Hillary Clinton and President Obama have BOTH ignored her BS for the past 8 years. Not just them, but everyone who Foster tweets her stupid shit to from Dr Phil to major news media like CNN and even the FBI.

Monica Foster just won’t accept the fact that she can’t get any special recognition from the media for her “investigative blogging” (which actually defames people) and her boring ass interviews that last almost a whole hour. All of which she connects to the porn industry.

Just today, Monica Foster tweeted Julia Loffe who is an established columnist writer on foreign affairs. Foster just won’t get it through her head that the only way she’ll ever get attention from the media is if she takes a check for prostituting herself and it bounces.

Of course let’s not forget how Fostard keeps creating petitions and every one only gets a few signatures.

Yes, Monica Foster is truly mentally challenged after 8 years of doing the same shit and she is unable to realize that she keeps failing!

Nobody important cares about her interviews because she NEVER interviews anyone important, PLUS she doesn’t know how to properly interview someone. One thing is for sure, if Fostard were to succeed in getting any recognition from big time media affiliates, you can be damn sure that all of her death threats, terrorist threats, stalking, and everything else will come out against her. I’ll especially make sure of it!

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