More Revelations: Sweet Jamie Jungers a Vegas Stripper;Jamie Grubbs Father was a Coke Dealer

Shouldn’t come as a surprise about Jungers since madam Michelle Braun already told the world she’s a hooker.

from – It seems Tiger Woods’ fourth mistress, Jamie Jungers, [picture] wasn’t telling the whole story when she described herself as a “model”. has learned that the beautiful blonde also worked as a stripper at upscale Las Vegas gentlemen’s club Badda Bing.

In an exclusive interview Badda Bing boss Rick Belcastro reveals that Jungers worked for him as a stripper at the club and was working up till around two weeks before she came forward with her story about her affair with Tiger.

“She was a dancer at my club for about two months,” Belcastro says. “I fired her because she didn’t show up for two weeks. Then I saw her on TV being interviewed about Tiger Woods and she had gained so much weight I didn’t recognize her.

“She got greedy and she got sloppy and she went out there and talked. I could lose good customers with people like that. I’m just glad she left.

“We are a $30 million 5 diamond gentlemen’s club and we don’t need talkers. What goes on upstairs stays upstairs.

“She has put so, much weight on I wouldn’t let her in the door of my club now, but she was a beautiful bunny.

“You can’t take the stripper out of the stripper and if Tiger’s wife sees this girl she’ll go over the deep end.”

Also from – Jaimee Grubbs is no stranger to scandal it seems. Before she broke into the public arena with her tales of her steamy affair with Tiger Woods, Grubbs had already weathered one scandal back in 1996 when her father, Glenn Grubbs Jr, was arrested and charged with cocaine distribution.

Glenn Grubbs was among 19 people arrested in a raid on the bar Grubbs owned which was on an Indian reservation in Nespelem, Okanogan County.

Grubbs entered into a plea agreement, pleading guilty to misdemeanor possession of cocaine and agreeing to forfeit his bar, the War Bonnet Tavern, in return for reduced charges and a shorter sentence.

The tavern was transferred to the Colville Confederated Tribes, which planned to change it into a youth center.

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