More Stories of ‘tude from Simone

TAMPA BAY, FL – Seems like sexy adult star “Simone” had quite a few confrontations with scattered porn stars over the weekend at The Tampa Show.

Kiki Daire’ tells AdultFYI, “I was in a dressing room at one of the clubs and in walks Simone. She did the chicken pose and bobbled her head like she was on the Rikki Lake Show. Moments later a guy I know walks in and said, ‘Kiki…I’m trying to help out Simone. She thinks a bunch of you girls want to kick her ass. Can I please ask you to be nice to her?’ I was like, ‘first of all, there’s going to be no fighting going on here. Second of all, it’s none of your business.’ This girl was a bitch all weekend, but not at all worth getting in a fight over. Meanwhile she was standing a few feet away.”

Apparently this unidentified man was just trying to keep the peace among the girls. Kiki claims she then addressed Simone personally.

“Look Simone, we’re not in high school anymore…no one’s gonna kick your ass.”

To that Kiki says Simone started the bobble head again, began talking smack as the mediator escorted her out, looking over his shoulder and saying to Daire, “thank you anyway for trying.”

Simone had previous problems with confrontations over the weekend with Felicia Fox [Best Performer of the Year Winner at the Nightmoves Awards Show] and a few of the other adult stars there.

Daire’ is dancing in Texas this week. AdultFYI caught up with her in a club near Dallas where Kiki said, “it’s weird here. I come off stage into my dressing room only to find the house girls going through my things. Weird.”



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