Moron, 15, dies ‘playing chicken’ with an oncoming train in Arizona after she was unable to get out of the locomotive’s way in time

  • Mariah Contreras, 15, died ‘playing chicken’ with her friends on train tracks
  • Group of teens would try to get as close to an oncoming train as possible
  • Then they would bolt away, but Contreras was unable to move in time
  • Police urged others not to try to play chicken and to stay away from trains 


An Arizona teen has died after playing ‘chicken’ with an oncoming train.

Mariah Contreras, who was about to be a freshman at Willcox High School, died after failing to get out of the way of the train in time.

Contreras was part of a group of teens playing the game, according to Willcox Police Chief Jose Rios.

Each child would take a turn attempting to get as close as possible to the train and then dash out of the way before it hit them, according to Rios.


Contreras wasn’t able to get out of the way and was struck by the outer part of the train, Tuscon Now reported.

The other teens she was with were unharmed and are ‘doing OK’, Rios said.

Rios urged other people to stay away from the tracks, like Railroad Park, where Contreras’s accident happened.

He said the trains can travel 50 to 60 miles per hour and they can ‘sneak up’ on a person.

‘Even if you’re standing a little ways away from the track, trains are able to pick up and fling other debris, so just stay way from tracks period. Don’t play those games with the train,’ Rios said.

He added that Contreras’s death is ‘a tragic loss to the community. You never want to see a child loss like that’.


And of course, as is par for the course these days when someone screws up and ruins their life, Two GoFundMe accounts have been set up to help the Contreras family deal with the funeral costs caused by their kid’s stupidity.

One was set up by friends, the other by family.

‘Mariah was known for her smile that would brighten anyone’s day.

‘Mariah’s mother Martha Hernandez has donated Mariah’s vital organs to those in need,’ the family’s GoFundMe said.



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