Mr. Marcus: Just a DUI or a Mass Conspiracy?

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“I got a DUI for marijuana, but I didn’t get a TMZ write up,” said Rob Black Thursday afternoon commenting on the Mr. Marcus story.

“My lawyer said, Rob, this is how these things go away. You don’t talk about it and they go away. But what if they don’t go away? Then you can talk about it.

“Marcus got in TMZ and that pisses me off,” Black laughed saying it’s he who could use the publicity right about now.

“I’m trying to be the national figure for the adult industry; I’m trying to start a national labor movement for the adult industry.”

Black suspects that Steve Hirsch told TMZ about Mr. Marcus for some sympathy.

“And the narrative could be this poor guy [Marcus] his life is out of control. Is that what the angle is? Like all this Farrah Abraham shit. This is all an elaborate work. Rehabilitate Marcus’ image by having him hit rock bottom and then have the media start talking about how this poor guy’s life is being destroyed.

“All of a sudden Steve Hirsch, you scumbag, you take the attention away from Lylith Lavey? Now the narrative is this girl’s going to torture Marcus because he’s black, and it’s driving him to drink. Now he gets pulled over.

“I’d love to check Marcus’ cellphone,” said Black.

“Was it Steve Hirsch who calls Harvey over at TMZ and said it’s good to go? Forget Lylith Lavey. Talk about racial prejudice and bias. Marcus felt pressure to drink and drive. Steve Hirsch will put him in his rehab place, rehab Marcus and give him the job he wanted to give him in the first place.”

Black said the fear portrayed in this story line is Marcus was ready to go over the side.

“Bravo Steve Hirsch, now we connect the dots. Or maybe it’s a stupid motherfucker who just got caught drunk driving. Or is it a mass conspiracy that goes from the top to the bottom?”

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