Mr. Marcus Says “I knew I had something going on down there, but I didn’t think it was a sexually transmitted disease”; more Contradictions Surface

Adult film director and writer Nica Noelle interviewed industry “persona non grata” Mr. Marcus for XBiz. Basically it’s another slip and slide, Marcus puff piece with a couple more contradictions thrown in for good measure.

For one thing, Marcus is now saying he received a clean test from Talent Testing Services obtained on June 13. That date’s never appeared on his timeline. TTS just began testing for syphilis on the 12th

Marcus also talks about how he discovered a rash—brown spots– on the palm of his hand, but the thought never occurred that he had a sexually transmitted disease.

On the contrary, Marcus tells Noelle he began Googling information about liver spots and vitamin deficiencies and stress. He began taking vitamins but no one seemed to know what the spots were.

Marcus mentions that he had a clean test from TTS on June 13th and continued to perform on that premise. Before the expiration of that test [July 13th], Marcus sensed that something was wrong with his health.

He went to work for Bang Bros., he’s saying June 24th. Bang Bros. is giving June 27th as the date of production.

Marcus had a rash on his genitals. Actually more than a rash if you had a good look at that video clip with Lylith Lavey.

“I knew I had something going on down there, but I didn’t think it was a sexually transmitted disease,” Marcus tells Noelle.

“My thinking was still coming from the fact that it was a vitamin deficiency or stress-related.”

I was also the first to make note of Marcus’ brush with Chastity Lynn back in May. At the time Lynn refused to work with him because of open sores.

Marcus explains that one: “It looked like a patch of rough skin, like maybe a reaction to some kind of lube that irritated me.”

Noelle writes: “Stills from the June 24 BangBros scene featuring a nude Mr. Marcus with what appear to be white lesions on his penis would be circulated on the Internet by outraged performers and industry watchers.

“It was cited as ‘proof’ that Marcus had performed when he knew he was contagious with syphilis.”

In Marcus’ defense, Noelle says Marcus had not yet been diagnosed with syphilis, nor did he suspect having it.

“Nobody said ‘wait a minute, that doesn’t look right,’” Marcus said of the Bang Bros. scene.

“The girl I was working with didn’t mention it and neither did the director.”

[Which ain’t the story I’m getting.]

Marcus, according to Noelle, went to his private doctor on July 11th and was informed the next day he had tested positive for syphilis.

Marcus says he was assured by his doctor that a penicillin shot would cure it and that he could be back working in 10 days. On July 14th he went to TTS for testing that included a panel for HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Marcus is also claiming that TTS neither offered him any advice about the syphilis nor guidance as to what to do next. And he’s still insistent that someone at TTS helped him change his test.

On July 21, Marcus returned to Talent Testing Services. His symptoms had disappeared within a few days of receiving the shot and he was eager to get a clean test and return to work.

Except his test came back “reactive” for syphilis, leaving Marcus stunned – and puzzled. His doctor assured him the penicillin shot had worked but the “reactive” status would continue to show up on blood tests checking for syphilis antibodies – possibly forever. In other words, he may have been cured, but there was no way to show it. He got panicky and altered his test.

When he received a booking request that required him to obtain “a brand new test,” Marcus returned to Talent Testing Services August 7th for what would be his third talent STI panel since being diagnosed with syphilis.

According to Marcus, a TTS employee told him he could leave off the syphilis test when he sent his blood samples to the lab.

“I was very interested in that idea,” states Marcus. “So he said he’d see what he could do.”

As promised, the worker handed him a hardcopy which looked like a normal test and didn’t show any results for syphilis. However the worker told him he couldn’t do it for him again.

Where Noelle’s narrative becomes confusing is that she says Marcus cancelled the scene he was booked for that day. Previous timelines indicate that was the day Marcus went to work for Blazing Bucks which caught discrepancies in his paperwork.

“Instead of reporting to the set,” writes Noelle, “Marcus called his doctor to report heightened RPR numbers. He claimed his doctor said a sudden increase was not uncommon after a recent syphilis infection and was part of the “normal cycle” of the disease.

Marcus also explains his flip-flopping with the SF Weekly interview.

“I just didn’t realize when I told the story [during the August 22nd press conference] it would shift all the attention to TTS I didn’t feel right about that, so I tried to fix it by saying, ‘no it was all me.’”

But didn’t Marcus just say in an interview with XBiz last week that his remarks were taken out of context and that he was misquoted?

Marcus also goes on to say that it’s hard when the industry workers and press pick apart his statements.

If he keeps giving interviews in which he changes facts and contradicts himself, they will.

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