Much Anticipated RealTouch Now Available to the Public

CHARLOTTE, N.C.– RealTouch, the unparalleled high-tech male personal pleasure device, is now available for purchase exclusively at

The RealTouch system combines a proprietary haptic device with specially encoded video to create a truly immersive experience. Since last January when RealTouch was first announced at the Adult Entertainment Expo concurrent with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, there has been much anticipation about its ultimate release date. The launch of consumer sales in late October has demonstrated the wait was worthwhile.

“I remember looking at RealTouch the first time I saw it on the web, thinking how can you imitate all these sex acts?” commented one consumer on an independent forum. “It’s possible… oh yes! For those of you wondering, it’s amazingly possible.”

Another wrote, “The sensation was amazing, very realistic in regards to what was happening on screen.”

“Until now, people could only experience movies through two senses – sight and sound,” says Scott Coffman, CEO of AEBN, the company that pioneered internet video-on-demand (VOD) ten years ago and is now the industry leader. “We’ve integrated the sense of touch to create a truly unique and engaging experience.”

“The time has come for a product like RealTouch. Adult toys are far more accepted in today’s culture but primarily exist for women. You can find them in major drug and department store chains. We felt it was time to introduce a high quality, high technology product for men.”

In addition to its popularity with consumers, the RealTouch system is lauded by industry observers as an antidote to pirated video and the glut of free content available online. “You can pirate the video but you can’t pirate this experience,” says Coffman.

The haptic technology behind RealTouch is found in everything from space shuttle flight-simulators to touch-screen mobile phones. It was developed for RealTouch by a former NASA affiliated engineer who had previously worked at the Human Perception Lab of California’s Ames Research Center.

Unlike prior game-changing technology advances – VHS, DVD, Internet VOD – which have been in the area of storage or transmission, the ergonomically designed RealTouch is experiential and takes users into a world of truly immersive entertainment providing exceptionally realistic and “hands-free” sexual simulation for men.

Along with its use for personal pleasure, the RealTouch system is of significant interest to sex therapists and medical professionals for its potential in working with issues such as erectile dysfunction and physical rehabilitation.

The device only works with specifically encoded video available online. The RealTouch library, which features more than 400 popular adult video stars for both straight and gay consumers, is meticulously encoded to provide the lifelike, real-time action.

RealTouch has a retail price of $199.95. It is currently only available online at

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