National A1 Announces New Sex Toy Opportunity:

On January 7th, 2010, National A1, a leader in adult website marketing and owners of and, will launch the much anticipated sex toy affiliate program.

The Launch will coincide with the Adult Entertainment Expo. This program will give webmasters an opportunity to utilize their sites to join one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States, the retail sale of sex toys and adult sexual health products. The New York Times reported in January of 2009 that even in the midst of a recession, some sex toy retailers were reporting growth “by about 10 percent a month.” Having an affiliate relationship with will allow webmasters to cash in on this growing industry.

Mark Farlow, Project Director for, also points to other benefits of gaining access to this market. “The sex toy business has an advantage that no other facet of adult business enjoys; the ability to convert both adult and mainstream traffic if the webmaster chooses.” This gives a webmaster a wide range of options to maximize their exposure to different audiences.

And National A1, with over 10 years experience marketing adult websites, as well as an expanding array of non-adult internet properties, has the knowledge, tools and support a webmaster needs to achieve success, as Farlow also states. “We intend to use our 10 years of experience with successful website marketing as leverage to provide webmasters all of the tools needed to convert traffic into profits.”

Those years of experience also provide practical steps to support webmasters looking for new opportunities. “We give webmasters all of the tools they need, and I’m here to make sure that they can get the most from them,” says Dan Loevy, affiliate manager. The website will contain many online tools for promotion and tracking statistics, but National A1 is also committed to building mutually successful personal relationships.

The company has already experienced success through its premiere sex toy site, “With nearly 25,000 products available and a commitment to delivering information and support to retail consumers, our content is among the most extensive online and we’ve only scratched the surface of our potential,” says Bill Turner, head of content for And new products and information are added to the site daily.

The affiliate site launch will coincide with the Adult Entertainment Expo on January 7th, 2010.

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