Nazi Nut Hacks Gina Lynn’s Twitter Account

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from – A Penthouse pet and porn star’s Twitter feed was laced with more than just racy messages when it was hacked by a racist nut.

Gina Lynn — the star on Penthouse’s April cover — claims a crazed fan hacked her Twitter account and plastered her feed with swastikas and profane, racist messages.

The creepy fiend even told Lynn he’d only release the account if she agreed to a half-hour Skype session with him. “It’s very upsetting,” Lynn — who’s starred in such charmingly titled films as “Sin and Bare It” and “Seduced by a Cougar 12,” and is a regular guest on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM show — told us.

“I have no idea who it is. Maybe a disgruntled fan? Sometimes they can get very weird. He’s changed all my passwords. He said, ‘I will give your Twitter back if you do a 30-minute Skype with me.’ ” Lynn, who declined the offer, says she and her husband, from whom she’s separated, notified police, but the hacker’s identity remains a mystery. Penthouse is working with Twitter to restore her account. Lynn added, “My fans are freaking out.”

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