New Article In Romanian Press Condemns Child Rapist Kurt Treptow aka Kurt Brackob

Let me show you this article. It’s from a newspaper in Romania.

I gotta tell ya, I don’t think Romanians appreciate this Kurt Treptow none too much. Kurt Treptow aka Kurt Brackob is the convicted pedophile who served time in prison for child rape and who does business with Free Speech Coalition. Nope, they’re not too fond of ol’ King Pedo.

Let’s take a look. Oh jeez… Here’s a picture of Treptow/Brackob with a child on his lap, butt naked. This one’s got the girl’s face blurred out. Brackob is just chillin. “Whadduuup?”

It’s got pictures of him from Free Speech Coalition. This is a good article guys.

This article is in Romanian, but I have the translation here:

“Politician porn. Party member in the U.S dismissed after lasi press revealed that he had sex with Romanian children.”

“Pedophile Kurt Treptow did four years in prison in Romania, then returned to the U.S., has changed its name and entered politics. He was kicked out of the Libertarian Party after the clue (from the) Romanian press .”

“Treasurer Libertarian Party of Nevada ( USA ) , August Brackob, was sacked after local media bosses Iasi has revealed that he was convicted of pedophilia in Romania, while named Kurt Treptow .”

“August Kurt Brackob is behind a past that tried to hide after his departure from Europe. Brackob
Romania is known by the name of Kurt Treptow, a historian came in the 90s in Romania for research.”

“In the early 2000s, Treptow was sentenced to seven years in prison for sex with minors , the
released in 2007, when they returned to the U.S.. There he took the name of August Brackob .”

“Party boss changed his mind”

“Earlier this year, the media reveals identity Iasi libertarians Treasurer of Nevada. paradoxically,
at the time when no one knew the past, Brackob charity organization for children.”

The Romanian translation is kinda fucked up, but basically what they’re saying is the Libertarian bosses in Nevada didn’t know that in the early 2000’s this guy Brackob was a legendary child fucker. But the Romanian press clued them in.

“Initially, Joseph Silvestri, head of the party, published an official point of view in which it was stated that Brackob condemned by the totalitarian regime in Romania . At the end of November, the same Silvestri, through another post on the Internet, announced that it has reversed its decision, Kurt Brackob was removed from his position as treasurer of the party. He resigned as claimed, but was removed by the Executive Committee, said Silvestri.”

“Subsequently, a known producer of the U.S. porn industry, Tom Byron, made a shocking announcement : August Brackob support, along with children’s charitable organization, and the porn industry. Byron published this photo libertarian politician in an action of Free Speech Coalition (an association Porn industry overseas ). Action, organized with leadership Brackob
association was against a law that requires registration with the U.S. state of all actors adult film industry, the goal of eradicating child pornography.”

This means that Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow is also involved in the 2257 fight. I find that very telling and also very creepy. A man convicted of child fucking fighting a law that is designed to keep children out of pornography. The Romanian press thinks it’s creepy as well. A Romanian newspaper picks up on this and says, “Hey America. That’s fucking creepy and weird.”

The article continues:

” ‘Really? This is the image we want to present public? We have religious groups and
Families trying to act legitimate adult pornography industry and we give an example our leaders associating with criminals. I do not know all the details, but this guy was sent to jail after
having sex with minor, possibly two, one of them being 10 years old,’ sent Tom Byron, who
showed that it is impossible that members of the Free Speech Coalition were unaware of his past.”

“Why was sentenced Treptow”

“Willian Kurt Treptow came in Romania in Iasi, in 1994, to study and write about the history our (country). He was a graduate of the University of Arizona and founded in The capital of Moldova , Romanian Studies Center. In those years, (the) American has written several books, along with several familiar names (from) Romanian culture.”

“He was close (to) Talpes ‘s former personal adviser to the President Ion Iliescu. In 2002, investigators raided his house in Treptow Iasi and raised hundreds of pornographic material , in which American occur while sexual intercourse with minors. in 2003 Treptow was sentenced to seven years in prison and paroled after four years. He received sentence reduction after that, in prison, (because) he published a book about Vlad Dracul.”

“The Twitter profile of the association was published Free Speech Coalition August Brackob a photo (pictured) appears alongside director Association Executive, Diane Duke, a starlet in the porn industry, a protest against the law on the registration of the actors in adult films . The event took place in the same period in which the former pedophile organization, but in behalf of the party that you represent actions charity for children.”

That’s a very rough translation. But bottom line, the Romanian press is talking about the child fucker Kurt Treptow aka Kurt Brackob.

Now call me kooky, call me wacky, call me zany. But we had respected American leaders like John McCain and Lindsey Graham get in hot water because they were in the Middle East and got photobombed by terrorists. Now I’m no Republican supporter, but the amount of shit that these guys got because they happened to be photographed with a suspected terrorist in the background was pretty ridiculous. As if they should’ve known who was wandering into the picture behind them.

But it just goes to show that in the real world, just the suggestion of an association with a nefarious character will get you in shit.

Now I can understand Amber Lynn’s picture with Brackob and her not knowing that he’s a pedophile. She was at an event signing autographs or whatever and the guy had a picture taken of the two of them. I get that.

But for Diane Duke not to know of Treptow’s past is bullshit in any way, shape or form. For anyone to say Marc Randazza didn’t know of Treptow’s past is bullshit. Anyone who will tell you that Julie Meadows wasn’t aware of Kurt Treptow’s past is full of bullshit.

Ladies and gentlemen, anyone of the people who conducted interviews with, organized panels with, or did any kind of business with Kurt Treptow aka Kurt Brackob knew about his past.

Let me tell you right now why I’m fucking aggravated with XBIZ.

XBIZ had a panel called Sex and Politics last year at XBIZ 360 and Kurt Treptow appeared on it.

XBIZ recently posted a press release announcing their panels for the 2014 XBIZ 360 conference. They go into great detail about all of the panels scheduled and the people appearing on them.

Here’s something that stood out:

“The nature of the adult entertainment industry places it under constant scrutiny from elected officials, law enforcement and community leaders. Today’s adult industry entrepreneurs must be aware of local, state and federal regulations in order to comply with evolving laws. Whether a person is a producer, distributor, storeowner or performer, there are certain legal regulations that affect the way business must be conducted. Join our distinguished panel of industry law experts as they provide timely analysis on the volatile legal climate surrounding the business of adult entertainment, including issues related to pending legislation, zoning and performer safety.”

Now ladies and gentlemen, I would have to imagine that last year’s Sex and Politics panel description offered the same type of wording. I would have to imagine that when the people who wrote the panel description then would know who was appearing on their “distinguished panel” last year as well.

I gotta imagine that the great guys at XBIZ went, “Sex and Politics? Who are the people?” And people went Kurt Brackob. And four other gedrools we don’t know. I gotta imagine they went, “What a distinguished gentleman this Kurt Brackob is.”

Now if XBIZ didn’t know Kurt Brackob had such a shady past of child fucking, what does that tell you about the organization of XBIZ 360, where you’re paying a couple hundred or whatever for a badge? What does that say about you people who give XBIZ money for advertising, for treasured keepsake address books or whatever other bullshit that they have going on?

Can you imagine that if in the real world, an organization had a conference and a panel and it was later found out that someone on that panel was a convicted child pornographer and a child rapist?

I can’t fathom that nobody would talk about it. Nobody would apologize for it. Nobody would disavow it.

Guys, are you really living in a fantasy world? Are you saying that because Rob Black’s talking about it that it’s bullshit? OK. I’m glad you all think that.

But The Washington Times doesn’t think that. The BBC World news doesn’t think that. The Romanian press doesn’t think that.

All of these people don’t think that it’s a lie. Which means all of you people don’t want to fucking deal with it for two reasons. One, because Rob Black who you can’t stand is telling you about it and by being outraged and disgusted and motivated to say something to Diane Duke and XBIZ about would mean that Rob Black was right and you would have to give me credit which you could never stand to do. Or two, you promote fucking children in their eight year old mouths.

By staying silent and supporting XBIZ and Free Speech Coalition and Diane Duke you are supporting the rape of children.

You either swallow the bitter medicine of truth that Rob Black is feeding you and speak out or do something to denounce XBIZ and Free Speech Coalition for their silence or you condone fucking an eight year old girl in her mouth.

Do you all hate me so much that you don’t care about the rape of children? Is it because you rape your own kids?

Ladies and gentlemen, Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow has been associated with this industry for over a year. He raises money and is involved with Free Speech Coalition. He fucks children. he films it. He’s been caught with thousand of images and videos of him fucking kids.

When none of you say a goddamn word about it that means you all condone the fucking of children.

That is frightening. That is downright frightening. But is the only conclusion we can draw.

This isn’t Rob Black talking shit about someone and calling them names or acting crazy. This is straight up a fucking pedophile. This man Kurt Treptow aka Kurt Brackob has been raising money for the adult industry and has had close ties to important people in the industry for over a year.

Nobody has any replies for any of these facts. They are creating smoke and mirrors and playing fucking games. Nobody cares about the truth. They all continue to perpetuate this charade that only Rob Black is talking about this poor unfortunate Kurt Treptow.

But I’ve got news for XBIZ. I’ve got news for Diane Duke. I’ve got news for Christian Mann, Marc Randazza, Julie Meadows, Mike South. I’ve got news for all of you cocksuckers.

You’re done. You’re all fucking done. You’ve all lied, you’ve all covered up. You’ve done the most despicable thing that can ever be done. Which is supporting and promoting the abuse of children. It’s gone on for over a year, you’ve all known about it. You figured nobody would ever find out.

That you would enrich yourself with the filthy money of a child rapist is unbelievably disgusting and frightening.

If XBIZ didn’t know who was on their panel last year, they sure as shit know now who was. Yet they have stayed silent. Rob Black didn’t doctor the photo of Kurt Treptow aka Brackob posing with Diane Duke and others at the XBIZ 360 conference.

Rob Black didn’t create the Twitter account for Liberty Prospers @LPNPAC which is the political action committee that Kurt Brackob aka Treptow is the head of and which tweeted pictures of various members of the adult industry from XBIZ 360 last year, including Amber Lynn and Diane Duke.

Rob Black didn’t write the articles in The Washington Times or BBC World News or the article in the various Romanian newspapers. Never even been to Romania.

I can’t understand why nobody cares. The guy did it in Romania. Is it because they’re all Romanian children?

He didn’t just fuck a kid or two. He ran a pornography ring and filmed himself fucking children and sold it. He used his position and authority in politics and connections to an orphanage to procure his victims. If he did this in the States he would be sitting in a jail cell with Jerry Sandusky blowing him. And all of you who condoned and supported him would be vilified and ostracized.

But because it’s Romanian children in an orphanage far away nobody gives a fuck. The guy does four years out of a seven year sentence and gets out early because he writes a book about Dracula. The adult industry gives him a pass because he didn’t fuck an American kid. Or did he?

Let me ask you fucking scumbags something. Would you leave Kurt Treptow aka Kurt Brackob alone with your own kids? I didn’t think so. Yet it’s perfectly OK for this man to rape Romanian children plucked from an orphanage?

All of you who thinks it’s OK to give this man entry into the adult business and legitimize him are disgusting. Anyone who knows about it and covers it up or keeps silent are doing a disservice to the entire industry and are equally disgusting.

Yet XBIZ does it. Diane Duke does it. Mike South does it. Julie Meadows does it. Marc Randazza does it. Everybody who sits on the Free Speech Coalition board does it. And everybody running for seats on the Free Speech board are doing it if you don’t speak up and address this issue and demand answers.

These are the people you look up to? These are the people you embrace?

What does that say about the adult industry?

What does that say about you?

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