New Football Pixxx Page is Up

(NFL NATIONAL) — Since no one else took Adult Studios offer to compete against each other with weekly football pixxx, Gene Ross and I have decided, in our first team effort as partners, to go head-to-head, predicting the wins and losses in the National Football League.

I posted my pixxx last week and Gene just got his in before the first official kick off of the season tomorrow night with the Redskins hosting the NY Jets. In his pixxx, Gene claims the upset of the week is the Texans over Miami. This of course would upset me tremendously since I’m leaving for Florida in the morning, hoping to watch my Phins kick ass. He also claims Cincy will beat Denver, Seattle over New Orleans and the Browns over the Colts. I find those pixxx very amusing, but ya never know. Ross claims to have the help of tarot cards as he makes his pixxx.

We now have a page where you can check our pixxx weekly and see how we faired. Our pixxx do not include Vegas spreads, only win or loss. Put it on your favorites list and watch as the competition unfolds!


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