New Industry Condom Measure Covers Anal and Vaginal Sex, Not Oral

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from – Porn productions in Southern California may soon find themselves with a little more latex per frame — a measure that would require adult performers to wear condoms in films shot in L.A. County has just qualified for the November ballot.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation announced today that they, along with members of a group called For Adult Industry Responsibility (FAIR), collected 360,000 signatures for the measure; well over the required 232,153.

If it passes, the measure will require porn producers to get a public health permit from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and pay a permit fee. Producers would also have to submit proof that they’ve taken a blood borne pathogen course.

The measure would make performers wear condoms during anal and vaginal sex, but doesn’t specify anything about oral sex. According to Ged Kenslea, the director of communications at AHF, oral sex was left out of the ordinance because “it’s much less high risk.”

Lest you think you’re experiencing deja vu here, you’re not — earlier this year, Mayor Villaraigosa signed into law a measure requiring condoms on porn sets in the city of L.A. The new ballot initiative would apply to L.A. County.

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