New Mass. senator Scott Brown says nude Cosmo photos helped get him where he is today

from – Newly-elected Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown on Sunday defended his nude photo spread from his college days – and said the racy pictures helped get him where he is today.

“If I hadn’t done that … I never would have been sitting here with you,” said Brown in an interview with Barbara Walters on ABC News’ “This Week.”

“It’s all connected,” added Brown, a Republican who was elected to fill the seat of the late Ted Kennedy in an upset that has put President Obama’s agenda in turmoil.

Brown, who took it all off for Cosmopolitan magazine in 1982, said the steamy shots gave him the exposure he needed to launch a public career.

“I was 22 years old there and thrust in the spotlight because of what I did with the Cosmo thing,” Brown said.

The hunky lawmaker joked about the photos and offered to autograph a copy of the magazine for Walters.

“Oh, yeah. The good old days. Do you want me to sign it?” he said to laughs.

Brown’s comments came a day after his racy pictures were lampooned in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch.

The skit depicted Democratic heavyweights Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and others dreaming of Brown’s beefcake body instead of getting to work salvaging stalled health care reforms.

During yesterday’s interview, Brown shot down critics who have said the photos would have torpedoed a female politician’s career.

He even said he wouldn’t be against his own daughters posing nude.

“I would leave it up to their discretion,” said Brown, who raised eyebrows during his victory speech for introducing his college-age daughters as “available.”

On weightier matters, Brown suggested he would vote with Republicans on fiscal matters but not necessarily social ones.

He said he would’ve voted to reappoint Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and shrugged off rumors of a future presidential run.

“I don’t even have a business card. I haven’t even been sworn in,” he said. “It’s overwhelming, and it’s extremely humbling. I don’t know … what else to tell you.”

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