New PSA Reveals How Hypocrite Weinstein Brought Down AIM for his Financial Benefit

In an email sent out February 28, 2010, Michael Weinstein wrote the following: “We are interested in finding performers who would be willing to participate in filing a suit against AIM…we would cover any legal costs.”

Just six years before, Weinstein was touting AIM and saluted the organization for the work they had done.

Now in a new public service announcement, porn performer Steven St. Croix sums up the chicanery and hypocrisy of Weinstein very nicely.

The YouTube ad tells us the following: “Michael Weinstein is the man behind Measure B on the LA County ballot.

“Since 2009 he’s been scheming to turn adult movies into condom ads. Because Weinstein believes that depicting sex without a condom doesn’t send the right message to viewers. Weinstein’s organization Aids Healthcare Foundation is dependent on high rates of AIDS funding. So to Weinstein, the right message is that everyone must be constantly terrified of AIDS.

“Mandatory condoms in porn equals permanent product placement [Ed’s note: Weinstein has financial interests in Lifestyle condoms] for AIDS fear and hysteria.

“Because fear keeps the dollars flowing. But one thing stood in Weinstein’s way- the adult industry’s HIV/STD and health program administered by the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Clinic, AIM. AIM was the safety net for adult performers. So, Weinstein had his multi-million dollar organization register complaint after complaint with government agencies and he solicited plaintiffs to sue AIM [among those Desi Foxx].

“Largely as a result of massive legal expenses, AIM was forced into bankruptcy in 2011. Michael Weinstein claims that Measure B is about protecting performer health. But if he is so concerned about protecting the health of adult performers, why did he destroy their medical clinic?”

[Weinstein, onscreen, says the following:]

“The testing program run by AIM is a fig leaf for the industry and without this fig leaf there would be no way in which the industry could operate without condom use.”

The PSA continues:

“Yes, the industry’s testing program was in the way. So the AIM Medical Clinic had to be destroyed. Stop this fanatic whose willing to force adults at the risk of their health to become models for what he deems to be the right message.”

“On November 6th, vote NO on Measure B.”

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