New Reports: A Tiger Love Child, Abortion and a Sex Tape

from – A GOSSIP magazine claims Tiger Woods may have fathered a love child, while George Clooney has denied he had a relationship with one of the alleged lovers.

It has been reported that Clooney had been seeing 24-year-old Jamie Grubbs at the same time that the cocktail waitress was having an affair with the world’s best golfer.

E! News reports that Grubbs claims to have a concurrent relationship with the Oceans 11 star and had been seeing the actor up until two months ago.

When asked about Clooney in an interview US Weekly, Grubbs said: “I know him”, but refused to go into detail.

However, a spokesperson for the actor has since said “he has never met her.”

Despite the denial, a source told E! Clooney had met Grubbs at a Los Angeles club where she was working as a waitress.

“The two have been seen out together in public long before the Tiger scandal went down, but because nobody knew who Jaimee was at the time, nobody really made a note of it. All of her friends knew they were hooking up.

“She’s shown her friends texts (she said were) from his number.

“It didn’t matter what Jaimee was doing. When George called, she came running. They hooked up numerous times.”

Grubbs is one of 11 women who have been tied to Woods following his car crash out the front of his Florida home.

Love child, sex tape

Meanwhile, The National Enquirer is reporting that Woods may have fathered a love child and that one of his mistresses had an abortion.

The magazine is reporting a source saying: “That would be the final straw for his wife – AND Tiger knows it.”

“There is more than one woman out there who could come forward.”

The report also hints at a possible Tiger Woods sex tape. It is alleged that Grubbs has admitted she taped sexual encounters with previous boyfriends

The Enquirer was the first publication to break the story of Woods’ alleged extramarital affairs.

These latest claims come as two of the women linked to Woods, Jamie Grubbs and Mindy Lawton, said they both had unprotected sex with the golfer.

And lingerie model and another alleged mistress, Jamie Jungers, has hit out Woods, saying “he deserves everything he gets.”

Eighteen months into their wild fling, she claimed she ended it racked with guilt about his wife.

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