News from the Twitter World: Alia Janine Makes Retirement Official; Blasts Lax 2257 Records

A couple of weeks ago I shared a nice brunch with this wonderful lady who was off to New York to take a job in the real world.

Alia Janine ‏@BestBoobsInPorn tweets:

Really sucks a few bad apples can literally destroy an entire industry, but its happening, right before our eyes.

that they’re destroying the very thing that puts food on their tables.

Posting scenes of me that have no paperwork, including the infamous 2257s is just fucking stupid. Apparently some ppl just dont care…

Ignorant, greedy, selfish and cheap assholes is one of the main reasons I retired. Measure B being the main reason, but come the fuck on!

With everything going wrong in this biz you’d like to think ppl would actually think. Specially when it comes to FUCKING PAPERWORK.

Apparently some ppl are so fucking STUPID they’re putting up scenes of me that I never filled out ANY paperwork for…..

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