News From The Twitter World: Bill Margold Poo-Poohs Cameron Bay Donations

This weekend I suggested that because the Bare Bowling event was coming up that Bill Margold, on behalf of PAW [Protecting Adult Welfare] make a charitable donation to Cameron Bay of monies coming into that event.

This is what Margold has to say, and I thank God for Twitter:

William Margold ‏@WilliamMargold 25 Aug tweets:

“Protecting Adult Welfare doesn’t need to be told how or who to raise monies for. It’s activities since 1994 (and before) are pure/priceless.


Pure bullshit is what I say. Margold in that one tweet reveals more behind the mind that would say a woman who gets a broken jaw on a porn set has received a “badge of honor”. Meanwhile on her Internet show Friday night Amber Lynn stated:

“It’s very distracting and incredibly saddening,” said Lynn upon hearing of Cameron Bay’s condition.

“Cameron Bay did not make the show [8/16].

“I didn’t know why. She didn’t make her call-in time. She was very apologetic about not making the show. As it turned out, this woman was diagnosed as HIV positive. It’s a very sad day in the industry that this has happened. This is my first time that I experienced that.

“She [Bay] said I want to be on your show. She didn’t make the show. I didn’t know why. A day later I got a text message, ‘I was very ill with the flu.’

“No problem. It turns out this girl has been in the press. I wanted to use my radio show for the positive good for bringing this up to be of the best service possible.

“What I want to say, this is a time in our industry when we need to be together to support this person. It is an out of set occurrence. I’ve been in contact with her agent and the FSC. I know she’s going to be needing some assistance, and I want to make a financial donation so she’s going to be okay and that she’ll be able to get medical attention as well. We here at Porn Star Radio stand by the performers and want to be of service any way we can.

“I’m providing a way for donations to be made. vi
[this is the fund that Lynn’s promoting via her tweets]

“I’ve had hundreds of people tweeting me they’re asking me where is your Amazon Wish List what can we give to you. Help somebody who is in need. Every year on my birthday I go out and help some sort of charity- a children’s charity because I had a tumultuous childhood.

“If you can contribute to this performer Cameron Bay send her love send her support. Let her know it’s going to be okay. This is not a time for people to start throwing rocks. This time it’s happened to a very young girl. She is in shock and struggling to accept this news. I ask everybody to be kind, be helpful or be quiet.”

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