News from the Twitter World: Shy Love: Stop partying, doing drugs, escorting it puts entire industry at risk not fair to anyone

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Shy Love ‏@shylove tweets: “So tired of people. Get ur shit together. Stop partying, doing drugs, escorting it puts entire industry at risk not fair to anyone.”

Sound advice. But if you only knew half the story. Shy Love, as her other tweets are telling us, is taking a long vacation to London and Hawaii. She’s calling it a “retirement” but we’ve heard that story before.

Love used to manage Cameron Bay at ATMLA. Bay is the porn performer now revealed to the world-at-large as testing positive for HIV. Every news site imaginable is covering this story. So the dumb quotes of Diane Duke are for all to appreciate.

To read more of Love’s recent tweets is to understand the heat between her, Michael Whiteacre, Taryn Thomas and Sean Tompkins. Tompkins operates the website The Real Porn Wiki Leaks.

Back in February, Tompkin wrote a piece about Bay, revealing her as a convicted felon and on the lam with outstanding warrants.

But the best part is Tompkins revelation that Taryn Thomas knew a guy who had also dated Cameron Bay. The guy moved in with Thomas, and, according to Tompkins, Bay allegedly broke into Thomas’ home in Arizona and shit on her floor. Not since the days of Jerry Butler have we seen that trick.

I guess this kind of information being put out there didn’t sit too well with Love and now you have some of the back story to understand the other tweets Love authored in the last day:

Shy Love ‏@shylove : I think it’s so sad that people choose to be mean to a person that has HIV instead of being there for someone. Everyone makes mistakes but no one deserves to be scrutinized in a time that they just need friends, family and love. How do u know if next time it won’t be u.

Take a bad situation and make it into a positive. Cameron wants to spread awareness so this doesn’t happen again. Be happy she was respectable to let everyone know. If we make it so difficult for the person who tells the truth next time if there is a new HIV situation that person just might hide.

[Got to agree with her 100% on that one]

Shy Love ‏@shylove:

@TRPWL @mrwhiteacre @TheTarynThomas no one sold me out I sold my company at my own free will

@TRPWL @mrwhiteacre @TheTarynThomas again facts wrong and I will enjoy retirement away from idiots like u

@SinCityGrrrl @TheTarynThomas I agree girls should use condoms outside of work but every time they have a bf it’s I trust him no condoms

@SinCityGrrrl @TheTarynThomas do it legal where ur tested and condoms r used. Go to vegas work in a ranch stop Craigslist ads

@mrwhiteacre @TheTarynThomas @TRPWL and google every porn girl and see how many escort.

@mrwhiteacre @TheTarynThomas @TRPWL R we suppose to know who these girls date. They change boyfriends like panties everyday. Idiot

@mrwhiteacre @TheTarynThomas @TRPWL look I left porn cause I am tired of idiots like u


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