Interviews Gen Padova; “I’m not an actress. I’m a fucktress!”

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“I know most people see Italian families as tough on their family members, unaccepting to things such as pornography and die hard Catholics. But I think that’s very much exaggerated.”—Gen Padova

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Several years ago, a sexually frustrated virgin took to the internet posting racy pictures on then what was called “Yahoo Clubs.” Little did she know that they would take off and, years later, have a fan following around the world. In this exclusive interview, Gen Padova runs the gambit from her adult movie career life to her personal life and back.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms Gen Padova…

NB: Let’s catch the NewzBreaker readers up on what you are doing today?

Most of my days have consisted of test cooking for my Cook Book project. I grew up cooking and I still love it, but I never measure when cooking. So trying to get the measurements to match my freelance cooking is much harder than I thought.

It’s been fun nonetheless, but it’s a much larger project as a whole than I imagined it to be. Also, I’m always making my website, a constant work in progress along with adding fun, silly little StickPorns on my free web comic

NB: You became an international sensation many years ago when you posted nude pictures in what was then called, “Yahoo! Clubs.” What made you want to do this?

Well, I was a virgin and sexually frustrated. I was very curious and very hungry to grow up in the sexual world. As shy as I was growing up, for the most part, I also was too self-conscious to feel comfortable with someone taking a normal picture of me. I tried to avoid it as much as possible. But that didn’t mean deep down inside I just wanted to be myself and not mind it like everyone else. It was such a stupid, irrational insecurity most likely due to the fact that I was hardly social and when you’re not social or practicing on putting yourself in front of people regularly, you become so introverted and delusional with personal confidence.

So, with my first digital camera, I started to take pictures of myself. The pictures started out with just a normal picture smiling. I wanted to know what I would look like smiling in a picture. I wanted to get used to seeing that. And from there it evolved to more posing, then provocative posing, to practicing the looks on my face along with the provocativeness.

And then, of course, from there the clothes started to come off and eventually those pictures turned into virginal me spreading my legs and then using objects like a candle stick. It was only a matter of time when I realized that I had so many pictures on my computer that I had to do something with it.

While I was venturing through my solo sexual exploration, I also would look at nude pictures of girls on the internet to fulfill that curiosity of womanhood other than just myself. Somehow I came across Yahoo! Clubs and that’s when the idea sparked. I never really thought about whether there would be consequences of putting naked pictures of myself on the internet and, quite frankly, at that point, I was so driven by anything related to SEX that I didn’t really give a shit. (Big laugh) And the rest is history.

NB: Being Italian as you are, (I’m half) how did your family look at you becoming a porn star?

I know most people see Italian families as tough on their family members, unable to accept things such as pornography and die hard Catholics. But I think that’s very much exaggerated. Like any country, different parts are slightly or much more different from each other.

I have a few family members who are practicing religion as part of their regular everyday life, but by all means, I think it’s more with an open mind. I haven’t had a problem at all with family accepting my choices. We’re an open family. When we all get together, we’re loud, funny, and carefree.

It seems as though the family has made it fairly clear that as long as we’re happy and healthy, then it really doesn’t matter what you do. Anytime I or my cousins decide to dive into something, the first question is usually: Are you happy? Well, yes! Then good. Why are you talking about it? (Big laugh) Tentar non nuoce. Meaning, There’s no harm in trying.

NB: You have been nominated for many awards and won many of those. Which award are you most proud of?

Within the adult industry I’ve been nominated many times, but I never won. The lack of winning doesn’t define me. It also doesn’t affect the fans I’ve accumulated over a decade.

NB: It has been some five years since you retired from the adult industry, but what are you words of wisdom to the young 18 year old woman who wants to break into it?

I never retired from the industry. I quit working for porn companies because the demanding schedule of medical school made it nearly impossible to work on other people’s schedule.

So instead, I continued on with my website and remained exclusive since then. It’s far more rewarding to do things on my own and on my own time. And I’m grateful for that. Besides, in this industry I think it’s leaving or quitting not retiring. Retiring to me is being able to not work another day with financial security.

NB: Who do you think watches more porn: Republicans or Democrats?

Solely based off of not much at all – Republicans seem to do so, get caught and deny it. Democrats seem to likely watch just as much, but aren’t ashamed of it. (Big laugh) I have no idea! It’s an uneducated assumption and observation on my part. I don’t identify with any party.

If the people in this country would just own up to the fact that we’re humans with sexual desires and tendencies and not robots then we wouldn’t be such a repressed culture.

NB: What led you to wanting to be in the Adult Movie Industry?

If I had to explain it simply, I guess I would give credit to sheer curiosity. I was a late bloomer, far from experienced, super sexually frustrated and curious about all of it. Doing all the stuff I did from home on an amateur level, whatever you want to call it only made me more curious. So when the opportunity came, I gave it some serious thought and went for it.

NB: Which are harder to shoot, male or female scenes? Why?

For me, it’s definitely much harder to shoot with women. I’ve always connected with men much easier with little effort at all. It comes to me much more naturally.

Women are far more complex and each female is far different from another. Men are easier to please for me. With women, you could be licking not fast or slow enough or the right way and take a chance at being really shitty at girly sex. So you have to be more attentive to the girl you’re working with. I’m a pleaser and want to do a good job…so the thought of not doing it for another girl is always something I’ve worried about, especially when women are far more judgmental than men are. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the touch of another woman. When you have the right chemistry, it’s amazing.

NB: What mainstream male and female actor would you like to have sex with in an adult movie?

I’m horrible with celebrity names. I’m not a very fanatical person. The only person that comes to mind is David Draiman from Disturbed. I know he’s not an actor, but he’s part of mainstream. He has an incredible voice, I like his look, he’s well spoken and very well educated which is a great turn-on altogether.

NB: Did you find on a personal level, that men you dated outside of the business had a hard time dealing with what you do for a living? Why?

Nope! I made it very clear because I didn’t want any issues within the relationship. It’s important that I make things very clear and as a matter of fact so that there are no misunderstandings. I never casually dated so the two relationships I had while doing hardcore porn were long-term relationships.

I find misunderstandings and misinformed matters to be very awkward…so it was important for me to let the guys know that they’re coming into my life knowing my business and should they want something serious then they are accepting me as a whole or nothing. It was pretty effective. One guy eventually felt weak in handling it and he attempted to be the dictator of my choices which led him to no longer having a girlfriend. It was good timing because it was long enough for me to feel love, but realize that falling in love wasn’t ever going to happen.

My husband on the other hand is incredible and stands by all that I have done and want to do.

NB: Have you ever done any mainstream movies?

No. I’m not an actress. I’m a fucktress! (Big laugh)

NB: What is one thing you can share with the NewzBreaker readers that has never been heard before?

I shit rainbows, but it doesn’t smell like roses. Maybe a garden, but not rainbows.

NB: If you were stranded on a desert island, what is the one CD and movie you would like to have?

I think that if I can’t have access to all that I like which is a lot of genres then I’d rather just enjoy the sounds of nature and the peace that comes with it.

NB: Finally, do you have a saying you continue to live your life by?

My own daily ponderings. Lately, it’s been:

“Bad is never good until worse happens, but I must turn my wounds into wisdom because these problems are messages and if I argue against reality then I will only suffer.” And, “You can’t let yourself be defined by what other people say or think of you. You can make an effort in aiming to be your authentic self that represents who you are with a passion that leaves you unforgettable and the world will still make their judgments good and bad. A deliberate selfish act of another is best taken any other way than personal and at least perceived more-so a reflection of who they are.”

NB: Gen wanted to add the following to our interview:

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