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“If you’re able to get off during sex scenes, great! Do I think they fake it? Most definitely – maybe 80% of the time.” – Kim Halsey AKA Houston

Kim Halsey AKA Houston, is well known for her performance in “WORLD’S BIGGEST GANBANG 3: THE HOUSTON 620”, where she set a Guinness World Record for having sex with 620 men without interruption. With 15 years in the porn industry, she is a skilled veteran and one of the highest paid adult actresses of all time. Houston has made appearances on the Howard Stern Show, VH-1 and MTV. She recently released her new autobiography, HOUSTON, PRETTY ENOUGH – THE STORY OF THE GANG BANG QUEEN”

In her book, Houston goes out with a bang revealing her life story, from her days as an Exotic Dancer, to the making of “WORLD’S BIGGEST GANBANG 3: THE HOUSTON 620” and her recent battle with cancer. Beauty, talent and perseverance, the multi-talented “Gangbang Queen” is the epitome of adult movie royalty and for that, she deserves a standing ovation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Kim Halsey AKA Houston….

NB: Let’s catch the Newzbreaker readers up on what you’re doing today?

I am currently out promoting my book and new music tracks.

NB: In 1999, you set a Guinness World Record for your performance in, “WORLD’S BIGGEST GANBANG 3: THE HOUSTON 620”. You beat the World Record of 521, having sex with 620 men without interruption. Tell me about your experience and how you prepared for this challenge?

It would be best if you read the chapter “The Biggest Bang” that goes into detail about the entire process of the Gangbang to fully understand all that went into how I prepared for it. It’s very long.

NB: You have been in the porn industry for 15 years, and are one of the highest paid Adult Performers of all time. Who has been the most influential person in your Adult Entertainment career?

The most influential people in my career would have to be my two bosses at the time I was under contract. Peter Davy, when I was with Nitro in the beginning of my career and Greg Alves, in the later of my career with Metro. That is the company I shot the Houston 500 with.

NB: Tell me about your new autobiography, “HOUSTON, PRETTY ENOUGH – THE STORY OF THE GANG BANG QUEEN”. What did you enjoy most about writing your own story? What challenges did you face?

I enjoyed writing my story because I was finally able to tell the truth about my life and why I did the things I did, as well as knowing it was not BS and just speculation, like so much of the articles on me are. The most challenging aspect in writing this was getting everything in order and deciding exactly what and how I was going to write, so that it made sense to people and they could understand from my point of view.

NB: In your opinion, do you think women or men crave sex more? What made you decide to become a porn actress?

Men crave sex more for sure. I decided to become a porn actress because mainstream acting wasn’t getting me famous fast enough, and when the opportunity came knocking, there was no question that this was meant for me. It kind of chose me.

NB: Is there a porn star that you would like the opportunity to work with?

There is not one porn star I want to work with, but I will keep looking.

NB: How often would you say that female porn actresses fake their orgasms?

If you’re able to get off during sex scenes, great! Do I think they fake it? Most definitely – maybe 80% of the time.

NB: In 2000, you appeared on VH-1′s Porn to Rock Documentary and made several appearances on the Howard Stern Show. Which mainstream project did you most enjoy and can we expect to see more from you in the near future?

I enjoyed singing at the House of Blues in Los Angeles for sure and all the music videos I did.

NB: You released your first single in 2003, “WHAT DO WANT FROM ME”? Was music something you always wanted to pursue?

I always loved music and will continue to dabble in it as well. I just finished three new dance tracks with a composer in South Africa. They are available on iTunes and you can hear them on Very sexy stuff for sure.

NB: Writing, performing, singing are among your many talents. Which do you enjoy most? Why?

I enjoy writing. It helps me get out what’s in my head and to be creative. Look for another book for sure.

NB: If you could have dinner and a conversation with any one person (past or present) who would it be? What would your top 2 questions be?

I would want to have dinner with my grandmother, Elinor. I would want to tell her something and know just one thing. I would tell her how sorry I was that I wasn’t there for her when she got really ill. I was just so wrapped up in being Houston and being under the influence. I would ask her, “Why were we all cut out of the will and how could you have done that to mom?”

NB: I read that you had a recent battle with cancer? Do you have any words of encouragement for others who are battling this disease?

Regarding cancer, I would tell people that it’s not pretty and it sucks, but you have to stay strong and fight! Love your friends and family like you never have. It’s only a body and not your soul, don’t ever give up trying.

NB: You currently work in real estate. With that said, do you feel the housing market for both new builds, and resale’s are rising in price? Why?

As far as the market goes it is said to have risen 2.5%. Its not a lot, but better than nothing. Even though such a small percent of home owners such as myself, are at least optimistic that we will see more of a rise in the future. That percent is for both new and resale combined. Less people are selling, and holding on to their properties.

NB: Do you have any advice for people looking to get into real estate?

If you are looking to go into real estate, I would suggest you make sure to brush up on short sale and foreclosure stipulations. Take as many classes as you can so you are up to speed with procedure and laws so you are able to represent your client and give the best service you can.

It really is the best way to make money in that industry at the present time. I currently have a valid license and always will keep my license current and dabble in the field. However, when I was actively working as a realtor, I worked exclusively for a home builder as a new home sales consultant. That is my area of expertise.

To me, although you may get a great deal with a foreclosure or short sales new homes are the best way to go. You can’t beat a brand new home with a ten year warranty at these prices. I love real estate and would be thrilled to get on a TV show that buys distressed homes and flips them without being able to view the inside.

NB: Do you feel the housing market under President Obama or under former Governor Romney should he win, would do better?

I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen with any of our issues in this country when either one of the presidential parties win. We have a lot at stake in this election.

NB: In closing, is there anything else that you would like the Newzbreaker readers to know?

I would like the NewzBreaker readers to have an open mind. We are all just people trying to survive this life and get as much joy as we can. I did what I had to do for myself and my daughter. Do I have regrets, sure, but I also have had some really great times and traveled the world and been able to provide for my daughter.

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