Interviews Mary Carey; And She’s Working on a Memoir

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“I would say make sure you realize that once you do porn you are always a porn star and people will always find out that you have done it so make sure you think it through before you get into the biz.”—Mary Carey

Mary Carey burst onto the scene in 2003 when then Governor, Clay Davis, was being recalled in California. As a publicity stunt, she ran for Governor and surprisingly got 11,000 votes. During the campaign, she showed that she was a sharp cookie who had a personality along with a great body. It shocked many, but the close insiders knew she was much more than any label they might have put on her.

In this Exclusive Interview, Mary holds nothing back on many personal and professional topics.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms Mary Carey….

NB: Let’s catch the NewzBreaker readers up on what projects you are currently working on.

I just finished shooting a mainstream movie called “Sake Bomb”. I love doing SAG projects and acting since I was a theater major in college. I got to work with Dat Phan, the winner of the original season of “Last Comic Standing”. We played 1990s porn stars. It was awesome. I am also working on a memoir/tell all. My ghost writer is Rich Juzwiak. He is amazing.

I have also got a few other projects that I can’t talk about yet, but will be able to soon. I still feature dance and host parties, which is one of my favorite things to do. I love to travel the country meet my fans. Oh, and of course I still shoot solo pictures and videos for my websites and

NB: Your bio says you were born into a family where both of your parents were mentally handicapped (your mother had been diagnosed as a (schizophrenic). That was a very hard thing I would assume to start you off in life, but yet, you overcame it. Can you explain to the readers how you overcame it and does it affect you today?

My mother and I moved in with my grandparents when I was 3 months old and then they legally adopted me when I was 8 and we moved to Florida. They gave me a great childhood. They used all the money they had saved for retirement to put me in an elite, private prep school called Pine Crest Prep School in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. They also put me in ballet and thanks to the ballet I received a partial scholarship Pine Crest combined with the fact that I was a straight A student and in the Honor Society at the public school I attended before Pine Crest.

My life was great until my grandfather passed away when I was 16. I never really thought about the fact that my parents were handicapped since I viewed my grandparents as my parents. I hadn’t seen my father after the age of 7 and was told he passed away when I was 15, it wasn’t until I was 26 and he found me through my website that we got re-connected again.

NB: Where did you grow up? How did this area lead you to wanting to be in the Adult Movie business?

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and moved to Florida when I was 7. I loved to act and be center of attention and was a theater major in college. I had started feature dancing while in college and was told doing movies would help build my name for featuring, so I thought it would be fun, plus I wanted to be on camera so it was a perfect fit for me.

NB: What type of work did you do before you came into the Adult Movie business? How did this work lead you to wanting to be in Porn?

I started in the biz when I was 21, and I was in college right out of high school so I didn’t have many jobs. One I did have that stands out is I worked at Einsteins Bagels in Coral Springs, Florida, with Ian who was and still is the bass player for the band New Found Glory. He was always telling me how his band was going to make it and I was always saying how I was going to be famous somehow.

NB: In 2003, you ran for Governor of California when they recalled then GOV Gray Davis. It was a publicity stunt, but it gave you tons of mainstream media attention. Did you ever think it would turn out like it did with you actually getting over 11,000 votes?

It started as a publicity stunt when the owner of Kick Ass Pictures called me and told me that I should run but then I kind of went for it. I got to on Jay Leno, the O’Reilly Factor, Keith Olberman’s show many times, Neil Cavuto’s show, and pretty much every show on MSNBC and FOX news as well as the Today Show. I also got to attend the Emmy Awards that year and do the red carpet which was amazing.

I also did a game show for GSN called “Who Wants To Be Governor Of California” where I went against 6 other candidates. We had to trivia to get in the top 3 and then the top 3 were voted on by the public and 2 weeks later, on election night the winner was announced and won the 21,000 (which is the biggest campaign donation allowed) and guess what, I won!!! I was so excited! It was so fun and then when I found out later that night that I came in 10th out of over 130 candidates and got over 11,000 votes, well, let’s just say it was one of the best nights of my life.

NB: You ran on a platform that included seven promises. The top one was the legalization of gay marriage, a stance that for sure, is not popular with your party. Do you still support this stance and if so, what do you say to those staunch Republicans who think you are the Antichrist for your view?

I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I had stated that I was a Republican when I attended my first NRCC dinner in 2005. It was also kind of a publicity stunt since I was on Comedy Central then on The Daily Show and we did a joke about it. I would not say I am a Republican nor would I say I am a Democrat. I am what I was when I ran for Governor which is, decline to state, aka independent. I have my own beliefs that do not fall into 1 particular political party. I have stayed registered as that and I do not see myself ever registering under a particular party, ever.

NB: Did you ever run into Arnold Schwarzenegger on the campaign trail and if so, did he try to show you his “sperminator” like he did so many other ladies?

I only saw Arnold once at the Norwalk County courthouse when we were turning in our signatures to be on the ballot. He was leaving and I was arriving. Since I was friends with some of the press I was told when he was leaving and I made sure to show up just as he was leaving to get some of the press. And people think I am dumb (Big Laugh).

NB: You are very vocal about being a Republican in a profession that the Republican Party has been known to go after. Have you taken heat over the years for your open stance about your party affiliation?

I said this before and I will say it again: I am NOT a Republican nor am I a Democrat. I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal. There is no party with my beliefs. I do think that right now we need change in our country and that is all I will say on that. I do know that the Republicans say they will crack down on the adult industry, but honestly we have so many problems in our country right now that I would hope that they would focus on fixing those issues first before coming after the adult industry that does nothing but bring in a lot of money for the country.

NB: You went on Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew for Alcoholism. At that time, you said once sober, you would never make another adult movie. However, you are currently still making them. What changed and how is your sobriety today? (Interviewer’s note: This question was based on the biography that was on IMDB, but Mary cleared that up and because I believe in Full Disclosure, I left the question as is, and Mary made the correction for the RECORD.)

No, I did not go on CR for alcoholism. I went to the show because, in 2006, when my mother jumped off a 4 story building, I got severely depressed and I started taking xxanax to sleep. I entered rehab with Dr. Drew July 27, 2007 and have been off of xxanax ever since. Also, I have only made 1 girl/girl scene since Jan. 2007, and it was in 2009 for a parody of rehab. I have not shot any scenes other than some solo work since this in 2009, I currently only do solo stills and the occasional solo video. I was always bothered by people thinking it was alcohol because of my many TMZ videos but really I would be leaving a night club when I was 25 or 26 and sure, yes, I was drunk leaving a night club like most people would be, problem was TMZ only would show that side of me so people don’t seem to think about the fact that, yes, that was me, a couple times a month, but that was not me all day, every day.

NB: Have you found in your personal relationships with men you have dated, that your acting in porn movies has hurt them?

Well, not really since I only did girl/girl for the year before I went under contract with Kick Ass Pictures and then I was with Kick Ass from March 2003-Dec.2005 and only did boy/girl in about 6 and then I went under contract with Legend Video from Dec.2005-Dec.2006 and I only shot 1 boy/girl and 1 girl/girl scene every other month so it never really bothered anyone. After Legend I shot 1 movie for another company then started my own company briefly but before I could really get started with it I started filming “Celebrity Rehab with Dr.Drew” for VH1 and then a year later VH1 put me on “Sober House” so I put adult films on hold.

NB: Is there a film or scene you are the most proud of?

I love Cash & Carey from Legend Video and The Mary Carey Experience my Virtual movie from Kick Ass Pictures. As far as non porn, I love the movie PERVERT that I did. It is available on Netflix.

NB: What is the single honor you have had bestowed upon that you are most proud of? Why?

I was excited to be in Playboy’s Top 100 Special Edition Models of 2005 and I was excited when Howard Stern and Mr. Skin gave me the “Lustiest Lunatic” Award in 2010 on Howard TV. Oh, and I love my FOXE Vixen award that I got in 2004 since it was voted on by the fans.

NB: What are your words of wisdom to the young woman who wants to break into the Adult Movie industry?

I would say make sure you realize that once you do porn you are always a porn star and people will always find out that you have done it so make sure you think it through before you get into the biz.

NB: Do you have a funniest moment while shooting that you still laugh about?

I have so many funny moments, I am a total goofball. I can’t really think of just one right now.

NB: If you could have any mainstream male and female actor as your lead in a porn movie, who would they be and why?

If I went back to doing girl/girl I would want to work with Britney Spears, I have always loved her.

NB: What is your stance on Measure B?

I think performers should have the right to chose and the government should never try to control the adult industry that does nothing, but bring in millions of dollars. I will be voting NO on measure B for sure.

NB: Over the years, I have interviewed many performers from the Adult Movie Industry and I am always amazed that your industry unlike the mainstream, hasn’t any Union or retirement such as AFTRA or SAG. With all the money the Adult Industry makes, why do you think there is nothing in place for performers? With that said, do you back some type of retirement with medical and dental benefits for adult performers?

You know, in 2004 when there was the HIV out break, I wanted to form something called PAG (Porn Actors Guild) but I just don’t think it would work. I wish we could have a Union and have more rights for adult performers and hopefully one day we will.

NB: What are your thoughts on the recent stunt MR Marcus pulled by lying about his blood tests that were found out to be later, positive for Syphilis?

You know, I always really liked Mr. Marcus and I was absolutely shocked when I heard what happened. I cannot believe someone who was so respected and who has been in the industry for so long would do something like that. I expect something like that of a new guy maybe, but never an industry veteran, Hall of Fame star like him. It was very disappointing to say the least.

NB: If you were stranded on a desert island, what is the one CD and movie you would like to have?

I can’t pick just one! I am very indecisive when it comes to things like that. I love the movie “Clueless” but I would also love to have some other movies with me too. As far as music, I would say I would need 3 CDs, Eminem, Britney Spears and The Nutcracker music so I can do ballet. I love classical music.

NB: Finally, do you have a saying you continue to live your life by?

“Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted.” I just love this saying because I have made mistakes and sometimes regret some of my choices, but I do believe these words.

If you’re looking to get your talent interviewed for, contact “Bad” Brad at [email protected]

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