Next Thursday: James Deen to Speak at UW-Madison Campus

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from In case you didn’t think your kids were getting a comprehensive education at the UW-Madison, fear not: Adult movie star “James Deen” will be at Sterling Hall on campus next Thursday to deliver a lecture about the role of pornography in modern sex education. According to the Wisconsin State Journal:

“Deen is coming to campus to discuss the role of pornography in modern sex education,” according to a news release from Sex Out Loud, a student organization whose services include sexual health counseling and advising and sex education.

This will be Deen’s first visit to UW-Madison.

“He believes pornography should not be used as a teaching tool for young people to learn about sex, but that there should be comprehensive models of sex education in place, so porn can be reserved for the realm of fantasy,” the release said.

Lest you think Mr. Deen is devoid of qualifications, it is important to know that he was the youngest man to win male performer of the year in the adult film industry. It’ll be interesting to see how many male students watch the speech all the way until the end.

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