Nic Cramer Announces His Return to Directing

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In a presser released today it was announced that director Nic Cramer is returning to the porn business after a six year hiatus; and, as it’s so quaintly put, Cramer is “seeking a company alliance.”

I don’t think there’s been an alliance since the Axis powers in WW II.

From what I also gather, Cramer, who used to write a gossip column for me at AVN, thinks the timing couldn’t be better to make a return visit to the industry.

What? They don’t they get The Internet in Sweden?

While Nic’s a good guy and all that, this reminds me of the guy in the time machine who flees a halcyon era, then arrives in another one just hit by a nuclear holocaust. And, dare I mention in an era of porn parodies, Nic had a company that was dismantled by Warner Brothers for a Batman parody that was too close to the movie version for its own good?

“I found I missed the sets, the productions… it’s just a lot of fun to shoot and I found myself missing it,” said Cramer.

“I’m looking to get behind the camera as a director primarily, but I want to get into production. You know how it works with production; you direct, you write, you supervise the editing, sometimes you do the first or second camera, so you are an auteur in this business… putting the whole thing together short of performing.”

“Filmmaking is what I’m looking to get back into. I have some ideas for projects and I want to see if I can still contribute in this business if they want to have me.” As far as what he’s looking to shoot he adds, “I would like to do a gonzo line, and I’m certainly not opposed to getting back to features if there are any budgets.”

But here’s the catch. Cramer has lost most of his contacts so you have to get him by email at [email protected] He can also be reached on FaceBook at and Twitter at @Nic_Cramer.

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