Nick East Adds Thoughts to the Marc Wallice Story; Marc Wallice Knew He Was HIV When He Worked with Brooke Ashley

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Nick East comments: Yes, he knew he had HIV! We were doing a gang bang scene for Cash Markman and Cash asked Marc to do anal with Brooke Ashley. HE TRIED TO GET OUT OF DOING IT!

Now, by then I had known Marc for quite a while and used to visit him and when he was living off of Balboa and the 118.

“I don’t feel like it, Cash, get someone else.” He said.

“Sorry, but she requested you, so…” Cash replied.

“Yeah, come on, Marc, get over here!” Brooke egged him on. As long as I live I will never forget the look on his face as he dipped himself into her booty. It was pure guilt!

I saw the whole thing and it confounded me (yes, I use interesting words sometimes) because I had never met anyone who liked giving girls anal sex so much in my life!

He used to brag that he had a ‘perfect anal dick’! So girls started getting HIV, and who FORCED Marc to get an AIM test and even paid him and drove him to the clinic??? YUP, Marci Hirsch!

It was as if she knew something and wanted confirmation. She was through with him by then, oddly, because he had told people that he ‘threw her a bone sometimes’ and she didn’t like her little secret being known. But she still felt compelled to drive him to the AIM clinic? Hmmmmm…

Not saying anything, but still curious when soooo much other information is piled into the mix, eh? So, I haven’t read the story yet, I only read the very beginning and felt like this letter was in order. I believe the facts should be straight all the way around. The bullshit lies being told have to stop. Oh, and tell Rob that I hate Bill Margold more than most people do, but he DID invent AIM!

I was sitting in Jim South’s office when he and Sharon Mitchell were talking about it. She was weeks away from getting a sex education license (or somthing like that) and I watched as the idea was hatched, and saw it blossom and in the end, die. Anyway, gotta go. Peace brother!!!!

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