Nick East Replies to Monica Foster Charges

Monica Foster This Week accused Nick East and Mike South of poaching a story from her.

East writes: I guess no good deed goes unpunished, eh? I befriended Monica a couple of years ago and now she appears to have turned on me like a doberman pinscher. Ah, ya live and learn.

My goal in being vocal about Measure B and AB332 has been and still is to stop the unabated and worsening mistreatment of performers by unscrupulous employers who have absolutely NO regard for their health or safety!

I, for one, see the inevitable arrival of treatment resistant STD’s on the
horizon. I didn’t see the internet coming, but untreatable gonorrhea entering the picture is as evident as the nose on my face. And the fact that the performer spokesperson for the talent (Julie Meadows) thinks HIV isn’t a big deal speaks volumes about just how scary the anti-condom idiots (yes, I said it) really are!

But then again, lets look at an issue that nobody has EVER talked about, okay? Here it is…

If the internet existed BEFORE I got into porn I WOULD HAVE NEVER DONE IT!!! For those of us who were blindsided by it, we never had a choice in that matter! But today’s performer’s are completely aware that EVERYONE is going to watch them have sex FOR FREE! How stupid do you have to be to make a choice like that? And for that reason as well, these poor people NEED our help to stop them before they hurt themselves FOR LIFE!

One more thing though,,, If Jackie Lacey is able to sabotage the vivid lawsuit so that they win, I will disappear and stop caring altogether, folks! And then I’m getting into the slate mailer business myself! If ya can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em is what I always say, eh?

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