Nicki Blue: “I was a Virgin to God; The path of the Universe lead me to and that is why I went there”

This is the kind of stuff Michael Weinstein will use to make his case against the porn industry:

On January 15, 2011 Nicki [Nikki] Blue [pictured] lost her virginity live and on camera as part of a promotion. Blue has since changed her name to Aaliyah Avatari and, according to her, she’s left the business. The whys apparently stem from that shoot.

Blue’s name came up this week in connection with articles appearing on Gawker and San Francisco Weekly about alleged abuses at

It was another performer, Maggie Mayhem, who used to work for Kink, who began posting on her blog, about “hymen gate” and how Blue was supposed to have had her vagina injected with a numbing agent to accomplish the scene.

The following account of the Nicki Blue deflowering comes from

“Sometime in December announced that they were going to be ‘deflowering’ Nicki Blue, a model that my girlfriend, Maya Paradox, had worked with at Girls Tied Up Tight.”

“The event was to be held in the form of a luxurious party at the Armory on the Upper Floor and was to be broadcasted live for members to watch on January 15th.

“My girlfriend and I were invited via email to this party. We chose not to attend for various reasons including the fact that a close friend of ours was holding his birthday party that night.”

“Apparently losing her virginity in front of an live audience is something Nicki has wanted to do for years. After some research I found that she had tried to pitch this idea to both Hustler and Howard Stern, and both had turned her down.

“Both my girlfriend and I thought that it was wonderful that was going to help her achieve this fantasy in the way she had wished for it to happen.”

However the writer to exception the way the event was publicized feeling that it was sexist and derogatory. Nonetheless, porn veteran Mark Davis was to be the one to do the honors.

It should also be noted that, as a part of this “ceremony,” like a calf being branded, Blue’s wrists were tied together, and her ankles were tied to her thighs so that her legs were bent and her vagina was exposed.

The article goes on to describe how Davis made initial attempts to insert his penis but was unable to get inside Blue.

“When he finally got it in Nicki began screaming very loudly and appeared to be crying and extremely distressed.

“At that point Mark pulled out and seemed to be very frustrated. He untied the rope that held her thighs to her ankles, saying in a huffy tone that the rope wasn’t working for him. Once her legs were untied, he made another attempt to penetrate her.”

According to the author there were cries for Davis to stop.

“It was painful just to watch this. This was not the sort of pain that seemed to be pleasurable in any way.”

“Nicki still seemed to be extremely distressed. Somebody asked her if she wanted to continue, to which she tearfully responded ‘yes.’ Mark made a few more attempts at missionary with the same results before trying a different position.

“They had Nicki get on all fours. During the next attempt Mark made to penetrate her, he accidentally inserted his penis into Nicki’s anus which seemed to make him angrier.

“He then pulled his penis out of her anus and put it directly back into her vagina which once again brought about Nicki screaming and Mark pulling out.

“We were shocked that no one said anything or made any attempt to stop Mark from going directly from anal to vaginal without so much as wiping off his penis as it is relatively common knowledge that this is unsafe. Several more attempts at getting his penis all the way in were made, though he was unable to insert more than just the head.

“In my opinion, Mark Davis’s treatment of Nicki was absolutely inappropriate that he was allowed to go on with blatantly unsafe sex practices without being reprimanded by anyone.”

“There was a lot of screaming throughout this entire ordeal and the three of us felt pretty worried about Nicki’s mental well-being. At one point the camera panned to the audience of guests that were watching, and everyone looked very uncomfortable. After many more pained attempts at breaking her hymen were made, they finally decided it was time for an ‘intermission.’

According to the writer, the intermission went on for nearly two hours before Nicki returned.

“The next attempt they made started with anal sex and then after a while of that (hopefully they used a different guy for the anal, or at least had Mark clean his penis this time), Mark successfully penetrated Nicki vaginally on his first try and they continued with intercourse. I cannot vouch for the validity of this, as it happened after we left, but that’s the gist of what I read.”

Maggie Mayhem would later write this on her blog: “I’ve had multiple people who were present at that event tell me that when the initial penetration didn’t work well because she had the kind of hymen and vagina that called for medical intervention and they injected her vagina with a numbing agent to complete the shoot. There was a medical professional hired to do it and the crowd agreed not to talk about it.”

Reading some of Blue’s initial comments, you’d think she had been a shaman experiencing religious euphoria; then she disintegrates right before our eyes. On her blog, Blue states the following:

“I go to my yahoo mail to find a email from MR.Acworth and I am so happy. I love him and the fact helped me break the tightest hymen in the world.

“Yes, I was not that honest, but there was many angles and demons there that night. If I spoke the truth it would not have happened. The world was not ready for the Truth and now I want the truth out. I was a Virgin to GOD,” she continues.

“God was my boyfriend and I was sick of never having real human sex. The path of the Universe lead me to and that is why I went there.

“I knew there was something wrong with my pussy,” she goes on to say.

“I just did not know what. I never went to the doctors because they wanted to cut my hymen out which would then no longer make me a virgin in his eyes.

I took the pain and then after that shoot every shoot I did under the name NICKI BLUE was so painful I would fight tears. I would go to the bathroom to CRY and not USE DRUGS. I understand a bunch of people thought I did drugs but I was not doing Drugs. I was running to the bathroom to cry. I was in so much pain.

“I had a pussy surgery after DR. RIGGS found out my pussy was fucked up from my virginity shoot. It cost me all my money I made in porn to get it fixed and when I returned I used the name Aaliyah Avatari.

No one wanted to work with me know because they remembered me for my bad shoots.

This is why I retired from being a pornstar is because people stopped caring about me and saw my past problems only.”

According to the Blue/Avatari portion of the SF Weekly story, Avatari was never offered workers’ comp for injuries sustained during the virginity shoot.

“It took me months to heal after I lost my virginity,” she claims.

“I had to have vaginal reconstructive surgery. There was no compensation for that. Honestly, I was lucky I had insurance at the time.”

Avatari told SF Weekly, the shoot was plagued with problems — she could not be fully penetrated at first, and the male model [Mark Davis] performing with her switched directly from anal to vaginal contact without taking proper measures to cleanse himself in between.

Blue eventually stopped the shoot because “I was in a lot of pain,” but took a break to collect herself and then completed the scene. Afterwards, she explains, “They had a doctor inspect me right after to make sure I didn’t need stitches, but after that there was no more aftercare.”

After she healed, Avatari claims she tried to work with Kink again, but says they wouldn’t hire her. “My porn career has been shattered completely.”

This is Peter Acworth commenting on “I returned from a vacation and only got to see the tail end of the ceremony, which included Mark Davis’s first successful penetration. I wish you could have been there because Nicki was absolutely glowing. I have rarely, if ever, seen a model quite so ecstatic after a shoot.”

A woman, in retrospect, says her porn career had been “shattered,” and Acworth describes her as “glowing.” Make sense of that if you will.

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