Nightline Does Story on Mindgeek; Lying Hypocrite Mike South Calls it “Cotton Candy Journalism”

You know when you come right down to it, this business isn’t as big as everybody says it is. When you talk about stakeholders and the vast conglomerate of people who control the industry, it really isn’t true. When a company like Manwin is responsible for 80% of the shooting going on right now, you can see that very few people are actually pulling the strings. When you connect the dots, you start to see that everything is sorta tied together.

I’m a little confused about something. Maybe somebody could help me out here.

This kinda caught me off guard, but if you go to Mike South’s site, at the top of the site, he has a section entitled Visit Mike’s Friends Sites. There are four links: Affiliate Programs, Business Forum, 0DayPorno and Webcams. Now when you click on the link that says 0Day Porno, it takes you to a page that is apparently a whole bunch of different websites. If you look at these websites, a huge portion of them are Manwin websites. Brazzers Pass, Twistys, etc.

It really does get tiring talking about the hypocrisy of this guy. Isn’t Brazzers part of Manwin? Isn’t Twistys another company owned by Manwin with rigged contests? He talks very day about how Manwin is bad and he’s gonna get them and bring them down. Yet, Manwin owned companies are advertising on Mike South’s website. If I click on these links, I assume that Mike South gets paid for it. So the company that Mike South rags on all the time is paying him. Am I in cuckoo land?

Mike South is man that does nothing but lie, manipulate facts and spew hatred. When you catch him in his lies, he comes up with every excuse in the book, creates subterfuge or ignores it altogether. He throws up lies on his website, moderates the message and the issue eventually goes away. The same man who claims Free Speech Coalition and Christian Mann are out to destroy him has advertisers on his site who are FSC board members, like Reed Lee. A weird conspiracy of people who hate him, considering they pay him money.

And now we have an advertiser on his website 0DayPorno, who he labels as friends of his. How does Mike South explain that when you click on the links to 0DayPorno you find Manwin sites? Yet, he claims he won’t accept advertising from anyone associated with them. Brazzers is Manwin. Twistys is Manwin. There is another one here, Playboy Plus. Isn’t Playboy owned by Manwin? Again, if somebody can tell me how the company that Mike South has been running a smear campaign on can be on his site and he gets money from them, I would appreciate it. Can Mike South answer this? I know he won’t, but I wanted to throw it out there so everybody can see that everything Mike South says is a lie. Everything he reports on is a lie. If he has information, nine out of ten times he just made it up.

He lies about his ratings. He lies about having OSHA inspectors on his sets. He lies about the legality of shooting porn in Georgia. He lies about diseases coming into the business. This list goes on and on. Now he lies about doing business with Manwin. Mike South makes money from the very company that he constantly shits on.

He did an article about Mindgeek (Manwin) paying ABC for a 15 minute ad for their tube sites. He said that they contacted him for the scoop, but instead of using his information, they did their own story. He said the Nightline piece was just a big ad for Mindgeek and all it made you wanna do is check out the girls in the story. It was a story about porn, what are they gonna do? Have Nate Glass talk the whole time? He even said the piece was 15 minutes when it was actually 7 minutes. All this guys does is lie. How anybody can take anything Mike South says as anything but more lies is beyond me.

A 7 minute piece that he says is 15 minutes. He doubles the time. He lies right in his headline. If he was a real journalist and worked for a legitimate publication he would’ve been done years ago. He doesn’t lie by a minute or two, he lies by doubling the time of the piece.

He says the Nightline segment was “cotton candy journalism.” I thought it was a pretty good piece. Nightline said that Mindgeek owned all of these companies. You’ve never see any other broadcast come right out and say that this company Mindgeek has bought up 80% of the companies in the valley and they own Digital Playground, Twistys and whatever the third company they mentioned was. They went on the record and said that these companies are owned by Mindgeek. It’s been said in the adult press, but now the mainstream world knows it. They said they are responsible for the piracy and downturn of porn and are the scourge of the business and it’s because of them nobody can make any money. Where’s this cotton candy journalism? Were they supposed to go into who Ferook Antoon is and the whole story behind Mindgeek/Manwin? The story was 7 minutes long. Not 15 minutes. Nate Glass is the expert of going after piracy and they weren’t able to get a comment from Mindgeek. Mindgeek wouldn’t talk to them. It was a one sided piece solidly against Mindgeek. Where is the cotton candy journalism?

Honestly, I don’t know where Mike South is coming from, whether he’s taking too many pills or sniffing glue at his hillbilly trailer park. I don’t know how he comes up with this being a fluff piece for Mindgeek. You have these three girls saying nobody can make money because of them and you have Nate Glass saying it’s all because of Mindgeek and they couldn’t get Mindgeek to appear on the show, so they went ahead and ran it anyway. Mindgeek owns these three companies and those girls have to work for them because they are the only ones shooting and in turn Mindgeek steals their content. How does Mike South come up with in his head that this was cotton candy journalism for Manwin? I guess it the same delusional mind that allows him to advertise Manwin products on his site.

There ya go, guys. The man is fucking delusional. He advertises for Manwin on his site. Then he does an article about a news story and says it sucked because they didn’t do anything Mike South told them to do. He told them things that weren’t factual. ABC’s fact checkers disproved what he was telling them, so they didn’t run his bullshit. Because they didn’t run his bullshit, that means that they’re dong a fluff piece on Manwin. They didn’t run with the information that Mike South was giving them because they found out that Mike South is a lying piece of shit.

Mike South, ABC didn’t run with your info because they actually have fact checkers and found out that you’re full of shit and that you are a bigger scourge on our industry than Manwin is. ABC looked at your website and saw that the guy who talked all this shit on Manwin actually takes advertising money from them. They figured out that you were an ignorant hillbilly motherfucker and took all of your “facts” and threw them right in the trash. They looked at a guy who preaches about safety and found out that he was being more irresponsible than anyone else in the business. They cut the rope and said, “Fuck this guy.”

I’m sure they looked at the article that Mike South wrote about a 15 minute ad for Manwin and said, “Thank God we didn’t go with this blowhard. This stupid motherfucker can’t even count. We did a 7 minute piece and he says it was 15. Whew!”

Seven minutes and forty two seconds. That’s how long the Nightline piece was. Seems like a long way away from 15 minutes. They do a talk up to the story, so it’s actually less than 7:42.

The guy who has railed against Manwin/Mindgeek advertises with them. ABC was smart enough to figure out that an hypocritical idiot who can’t even count wasn’t the best source for information. They did a hard hitting piece against a company that has decimated the adult industry. Certainly not “cotton candy journalism.”

Kudos to ABC and Nightline.

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