Nikki Delano, Raven Bay, Amy Brooke on Howard Stern

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Porn performers Nikki Delano, Raven Bay and Amy Brooke participated in The Sybian Talent Contest on Wednesday’s Howard Stern Show.

from – Howard said that they’re going to meet Nikki Delano (@NikkiDelano) first. Howard said that she’s so naked. Nikki said she was delighted to be on. She said she wasn’t able to sleep last night. Howard said there is no hair on her vagina. She said she has a tiny bit on there. Howard said it’s not offensive at all. Howard asked her to turn around so he can see her ass. She said she got a nomination for best ass for Night Moves. She said she lost to Asa Akira for best ass.

Howard said Nikki is going to be signing today on the Sybian. Nikki said she’s very sensitive down there so she’s going to have a hard time. Howard said Nikki has been in porn for the past 2 years. Nikki told Howard about the movies she’s done and how well she’s doing. She said she graduated college. Howard sounded shocked by that. She said she wanted to be in the FBI but she didn’t get to that point. She said she was at a convention one day and a month later she was in porn. She said she could never be a teacher after doing this though.

Howard said Nikki has done over 250 scenes. She said she loves sex. Howard asked if she can have a boyfriend while being in porn. She said she’s had a boyfriend for 8 months and she’s in love. She said she’ll have to see how it goes with him. Howard said she must put out for her man. Nikki said she gives him everything. She said she likes the pile driver position. She said she’s very aggressive. Howard asked if she puts his balls in her mouth. She said she does that every time she blows him. Howard asked if they have other girls at home. She said they do.

Howard asked what he got her for her birthday. She said he didn’t get her anything. She said they fuck every day though. She said that he works but he’s also a stoner. Howard said she’s lovely and gracious. Howard said she must weigh nothing. She said she’s 5’2” and 110 pounds. Howard said he’s sure they have photos of the girls up at @SternShow

Howard asked what Nikki is going to be singing. She said she will be singing in Spanish. She told Howard the song she would be singing. Howard said her ass is great. He had her get on the Sybian and told her it’s going to be hard to sing on that thing. Howard had the guys help her get on the thing. Howard said he’ll have Gary start her off at 50 percent and then work it up from there. Nikki said she’s very sensitive down there.

Howard had Gary start the Sybian. He started off at 50 percent and then Howard told him to just jack it up to 100 percent. Howard started the music and Nikki tried singing along to it. She was singing and moaning as the Sybian did its thing.

Howard stopped her and told Gary to bring her down. Nikki said that was intense. She said she had never been on one before. Nikki said she had an orgasm. Howard said he smells Howard TV subscriptions going up already.

Howard asked her to get off of there and they’ll move on to her competition. Howard said she’s not uncomfortable being nude. Nikki said she thinks she came multiple times. Howard said she took to it like a fish to water. Robin said the crew were preparing the Sybian for the next contestant. Howard said they’re like a NASCAR crew. Howard gave Nikki some plugs and said you can find out more at Nikki told Howard that she’s taken guys into the champagne room and given them foot jobs. Howard gave her a plug for her web site and some other things as well.

Howard had Raven Bay (@RavenBayxxx) come in next. Howard said she’s smoking hot. She said she’s 5’2” tall and 100 pounds. Howard asked how long she’s been in porn. She said she started last year and she’s only done a few movies so far. She said she loves it so far.

She just turned 23. Howard asked if she has done babysitter porn yet. She said she hasn’t because she has some tattoos on her back. She said that she has wings on her back and she’s like an angel in disguise. Raven said she would rather just get plowed. She said she likes it rough. She lost her virginity at 13. She said the guy was 17. Howard said that’s almost like a rape. Raven said she came out of her mom’s vagina just wanting dick. She said she started masturbating at 20. She said she never learned about it until then.

Raven said that she has a mysterious pussy and her boyfriend had to crack the code to figure her out. She said she has a very meaty pussy so he had to figure that out. Howard asked when she started messing with women. She said that was at 15. She said they experimented at that age.

Howard asked if her parents handled it well when they found out. She said her mom was supportive. She said she didn’t know her dad. Raven said that her mom is a lesbian and she was in a band and one time she got drunk and got knocked up. She said her girlfriend said she had to have the baby or she’d leave her. She said she had the baby and they ended up breaking up anyway. Howard asked if she’s curious about the father. Raven said she is. She said her mom claims she doesn’t even know the guy’s name.

Howard asked if she’s ever ridden a Sybian before. Raven said she has but she’s not sure if they had it on high power or not. Howard said they’ll do that for her today. Howard said Raven is going to tell jokes while she’s on the Sybian. Howard gave Raven a plug for which is where she’ll be this weekend.

Raven got on the Sybian and they started her off at 50 percent. Gary put it up to 75 percent and then Raven said she was going to start. Gary pushed it to 100 percent and Raven was moaning and trying to tell jokes. She asked what the difference between Howard Stern and an egg was. She said an egg actually gets laid. Raven kept going and told her jokes while she was moaning. Raven finished up and said she had about 5 orgasms during that whole thing. Howard said that was a wonderful girl. He said that was a wonderful performance.

Howard said the show is brought to us by Steven Singer Jewelers. Howard said they have $500 for the winner. Howard said they have one more girl to compete.

Howard introduced Amy Brooke (@AmyBrookexxx) next. Howard said she’ll be playing the violin on the Sybian. Amy said that’s going to be difficult. She said she’s going to play Twinkle Twinkle and Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Howard asked how long she’s been in porn. She said it’s like 5 years. Amy said she’s done between 500 and 1000 movies. She said she’s a little whore. Amy said she will try just about anything. The first scene she did was extreme anal. She said that’s when they pound the fuck out of your ass. She said she gets fists and triple anal too. She said she has had 3 cocks in there at the same time. She said she once had 5 dildos in there at once. She said it was awesome. Amy said that anal is all in your head and if you think it will fit then it will fit.

Howard asked the other girls if they have done anal. Nikki said she has. Gary said that Amy told Howard that she had two hands in her ass and the two were holding hands in there. Amy said it was a man and a woman who put their hands in there as they were holding hands. Howard said she’s an amazing athlete.

Howard asked Amy when she lost her virginity. She said she was 13. Amy said that it was to one person and it progressed to many from there. Amy said she had multiple partners. She said she had 9 in one session at one point. She said they were all virgins. Amy said she had a boyfriend at the time and she was like the only one who had sex at the time. She said that her boyfriend liked watching so that’s why she did the other guys. Howard said she must be bi-sexual too.

Amy said she does like women too. She said she was 7 when she got it on with her first girl. Amy said she has always been really sexual. She said they would watch porn on Napster and practice on bananas. Howard said she has some body too.

Howard said he read that she’s regularly making love to Kid Rock. She said she’s good friends with him. She said that she goes to him and she has been to Detroit once. Howard asked if she parties a lot. She said she has and she may have done it too much.

Amy said she just got out of rehab. She said she had to reevaluate her situation. Amy said she was just partying and enjoying herself. Amy said she checked herself into rehab. She said she’s been sober for 17 days now. Howard applauded her. Howard said that’s not easy. She said she was in rehab for 45 days and it was right on the beach so it was awesome.

Howard had Amy sit on the Sybian. He asked how long she’s played Violin. She said she’s played since second grade. She’s never done this on the Sybian though. Amy said it should be a good challenge. Howard had Gary start her out at 50 percent. Gary did that and then worked up to 100 percent. Once she was at 100 percent Howard had her start playing violin. Amy played and let out a couple of screams.

Amy said she felt like squirting. Howard told her to let the poison out. She did. Everyone yelled when she let it go. Amy kept trying to play the violin. She played some Mary Had a Little Lamb. Howard said it was very good. Howard said that was a good job. Amy apologized for what she had done. Howard gave her a plug for her web site

Howard went to the judges and asked Gary what he thought. Gary said that something weird happened there. Amy said her vagina has a mind of its own. Gary said that her talent was just mediocre. Gary said that he’s going to give his vote to Raven.

Howard went to Fred for his vote. Fred said they’re all beautiful and talented. He said this was tough but he’s going to give his vote to Nikki.

Howard went to Robin next. Robin said she thought that Amy wasn’t nearly animated enough on the Sybian. Robin said she picked a tough situation and it affected the Sybian ride. Robin said she’s going to give her vote to Nikki.

Howard moved on to Benjy for his vote. Benjy said he’s going to give his vote to Amy.

Howard said he’s going to vote and then go to Ronnie if there is a tie. Howard told Nikki her singing was great. He said she was very animated on the Sybian. Howard said that Amy was good too. He said that she lost points with not hearing her orgasm. Howard said that Raven told jokes and that’s the hardest thing in the world. Howard said doing that while orgasming is even tougher. Howard said Raven gets his vote which makes it a tie.

Howard said Ronnie could break this tie. Ronnie said Amy was a little bit boring. He said the squirting was awesome but the rest of it was kind of boring. He said she was too quiet. Ronnie said that Nikki was a little boring in the beginning but she finished up well. Ronnie said Raven took it all the way so his vote is for Raven. Raven was the winner.

Raven said she was so excited. Howard said they all did very well. Howard said Raven won $500 from Steven Singer Jewelers. Howard said that they can all give out their plugs. They all got in their plugs for their various Twitter and web sites.

Howard said the true winner is the audience. Howard said especially the Howard TV audience. Howard said they can all kiss and congratulate each other now. Howard let them do that. Howard sang them out with a song about Raven Bay being the Miss Talented Sybian Girl. They went to break a short time later.

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