No Heinie From Heidi

It’s not like Heidi Klum hasn’t gotten naked in front of a camera lens before. But, according to the N.Y. Post, millions of men are set to be sorely disappointed with the latest developments. Talks with supermodel Klum to have a spread in Playboy have irreparably broken down. “Playboy offered Heidi $1 million three months ago to be on the cover and do a spread,” a source to the N.Y. Post. “Heidi has never been photographed nude before and for $1 million, she was interested.” But Klum had some demands. She insisted on a female photographer – Playboy agreed to hire French female snapper Dominique Isserman – and black and white photos. “The talks broke down late last week because Heidi insisted on a black and white cover. Playboy said that wouldn’t sell, so she walked away from the deal.” Meanwhile, Klum, who has been dating aging Italian stallion Flavio Briatore, was seen Monday night at 3 a.m. cozying up to her Chili Pepper ex, Anthony Kiedis, in the Mercer Hotel lobby. A rep for Klum declined comment. A Playboy rep said: “Of course Playboy has spoken to Heidi. Right now there are no plans for her to appear in the magazine.” The monthly will have to settle for Daryl Hannah – who will grace the November cover as a surfer and punk rocker. “I just thought ‘What the hell,’ ” Hannah told the London Sun.


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