No One Else is Reporting This- Isadore Hall: 5,000 STDs have Been Transferred to Adult Workers

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California assemblyman Isadore Hall was on KPCC 89.3 Southern California Public Radio to talk about the condom mandate in the porn industry.

“Reports of a 2nd confirmed HIV transmission in less than two weeks should send a message,” Hall said.

“The reality is the porn industry can no longer stand on the sidelines- condoms should be mandated on the set.

“These actors should be afforded the same type of protection afforded to other individuals,” Hall went on to say.

“This is an industry where you are at higher risk of contracting STDs or HIV. Performers should be protected. What Free Speech is not saying is that 5,000 different STDS have been transferred to workers through the course of their employment. It’s not just HIV- it’s the others.”

Halls said Free Speech was being “braggadocious” by minimizing the extent of HIV and totally ignoring the STDs issue.

“There have been other major STDS contracted as result of condom-less activity on work sites.” Hall said legislators were looking to get AB 640 out by the end of next week if not by the end of the year.

“We’re working to make sure everyone’s aboard and there’s no hiccups in its passage. This bill is very important and performers should be checked by licensed medical professionals.”

Hall said the message is “You should be tested, wear condoms and the industry held accountable to make sure workers are protected. This is a work place safety issue and a public health crisis- there is no other issue more important than protecting health and the welfare of people in our community.”


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