No One is Safe From The Wrath of Black

Rob Black is off his meds and is taking no prisoners.

Black says his self-imposed cold turkey abstention from his “glaucoma medicine” has given him clarity to see what’s been going on around him. He promises in 2014 to not be as nice as he has been since The Rob Black Show went live 9 months ago.

Heaven help us.

Watch the video clips coming soon of his Christmas Shows to see what we’re talking about. Nobody is safe from the wrath of Black. He goes off on anybody and everybody. All are put on notice that The Rob Black Show is here to stay and will reach new heights in the new year. Network deals, an autobiography and more funny and outrageous humor and opinions are coming to shock you out of your socks.

Hang onto your hats, it’s about to get real bumpy in this motherfucker.

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