Not So Hot to Trot Teach Arrested After Having Sex with Unlucky Special Needs Student

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from – Gwinnett police have arrested an educator and charged her with having sex with a 17-year-old disabled student at her school.

Police say Kari Lynn Bryan, a paraprofessional, met the disabled student at a private special needs school in Gwinnett County.

Authorities have charged 38-year-old Bryan with sexual assault. Detectives say she had a year-long sexual relationship with the disabled student.

“She’s charged with the sexual assault because she has authority over him being from that school. They met at the school. She was a teacher for that student, a paraprofessional, and they consummated the relationship from the school,” said Cpl. Edwin Ritter of the Gwinnett County Police Department.

Police say Bryan repeatedly had sex with the teenager at her Lawrenceville home.

“According to our investigation, it appears that it happened at least 20 times over the past year,” Ritter said.

Police say they learned about the relationship when the victim’s mother found what she says are love letters written by the assistant teacher.

According to the police report, Bryan admitted to having sex with the teen.

“We are holding those people accountable based on law,” Ritter said.

The principal of the school said that Bryan was a facilitator in the schools adult program.. All the parents in that program were notified of the arrest, according to the principal.

Bryan has been fired from the school, according to the principal.


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