Notes From Monica Foster’s Twitter Rant, Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Monica Foster

Midweek, midday Twitter rant time for the no life, jobless hooker, Monica Foster. More of the same shit, ranting and raving about her failed porn career, which, when you look at the rest of her “life” was the highlight of her 37 1/2 years on earth. Understandable that she talks about it so much instead of moving forward because outside of her forgettable 35 scene career, she has been a shut in most of her life. Other topics are more retreads: White people, racism against black women in porn (Yawn) how young she looks (LMFAO), and a few nasty, rude replies to her one or two real fans. And of course, you could count on one hand how many retweets and likes she got in the entire 5 hour, 35 or so tweet tirade, proving that no one cares what she thinks. Enjoy!

Monica Foster

Alexandra Mayers@MonicaFoster  I worked with did not mesh well with me AT ALL. I’m talking NO chemistry. Was it because they were white? Or was it because I was Black?

Perhaps it’s because she’s a shitty performer and a lousy lay. But no, let’s make it about race, it’s so much easier.

@MonicaFoster @Holisticharry1 I entered. I look a lot younger than my age, so I was thrown in with people who were used to mentally younger individuals.


Actually, this side by side photo shows her age next to an animated character that is supposed to be a 20-something. Note how the middle aged woman on the left is carrying a lot of flab and fat around the mid section and the eye bags and tired look in her face. She looks about her age, maybe a bit older but that’s due to stress, alcohol and drug abuse along with cigarette smoking. Oh, and not being laid in 5 years couldn’t have helped.

Good advice but she can’t follow it. She can’t let Matthew Holder go even as he is now married, with a family and doesn’t want anything to do with her. Let the man go, stop stalking and harassing him, stop talking about him. He is and always was way out of your league.

@MonicaFoster @Holisticharry1 my sex drive is high nowadays, but I’m not promiscuous. I’m not interested in sex without love at this point in my life.

As it should be in people that haven’t been laid in 5 years. She probably stocks up on cucumbers and bananas every time she visits the store.


Check out the rest of the entire boring rant over on her Twitter feed. Usually the binges last 1-2 days of drug and alcohol fueled tweeting so there is still plenty of time to sit back and watch the meltdown. This writer is already bored with her for today and so that concludes this blog entry.

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  1. An agent has every right to collect fees, even agents in Hollywood do that.

    This retard told him not to bully, harass, and stalk girls, yet look at the shit that Foster does to people. Defaming Jennifer Randazza, harassing my friend Ivana and that thread that she had started about her on that Christian Michael Wians website in an attempt to end my friendship with her. Don’t forget anyhow Foster does her shitty photoshopped pictures of people like the one that she did of me saying that I’m an inbred. Then Foster used my email address to open profiles on 7 gay dating websites.

    All this plus more is why Foster will NEVER EVER get the fucking cops on me nor anyone else that she falsely accusess of stalking her and others . This is why Foster didn’t show up to our hearing for the TPO and she had a golden opportunity to show her so called evidence about me to a judge! That was back in January, but then in May she dragged me to MEDIATION instead of wanting to stand in front of a judge with me.

    She’s so fucking stupid, she thinks that her game playing will hold up with the police and court in the near future.

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