Now That Voting Is Underway, Where Are The Free Speech Board Candidates?

AVN and XBIZ have both posted a press release from Free Speech Coalition.

What? Of course it’s not about hepatitis C or pedophiles. Silly boy…

Free Speech Coalition posted a press release about the candidates for the FSC Board of Directors. According to the press release voting started December 2nd.

Free Speech Coalition announced that all of these people, Mike Kulich, Mark Franks, Amber Lynn, Chanel Preston, Mark Schechter and Mo Reese are running for election. They are running to be part of Free Speech Coalition and they need to get votes.

Five seats are up for election. There are three incumbent members up for election, Bob Christian, Larry Garland and Christian Mann. These three have to be voted back in or out and two more spots are open.

Just like in any voting process, these candidates should be talking. Campaigning. They should be speaking to their constituents. They should be fielding questions. They should be giving us answers. But apparently they are not.

Not real sure why, considering the voting process has already started. Mike Kulich has already given us his great wisdom through press releases that he sent to all the adult news organizations. He had a brilliant plan for talent to pay for their testing with DVD’s that they would barter. He spoke on this matter and got eaten up and spit out and hasn’t been heard from since. You would think he would release a statement now that he is officially a candidate.

This is from the FSC press release:

“In order to vote in the election, you must have been an active FSC member as of November 4, 2013. Electronic ballots (created with survey service Vertical Response) will be sent to all active FSC members, and the voting period will continue from December 2–19.”

With these legendary people on board to run for the leadership roles of Free Speech Coalition, one would think that they would at least be on Twitter stating their platforms.

“Mo Reese here. I’m running for the board of Free Speech Coalition and I’m going to bring meaningful change to the business and I’m gonna put a stop to pedophiles hanging around FSC because I’m Mo Reese. And Mo Reese ain’t pedo-friendly.”

I would think Mike Kulich would set up a big press conference in front of a Jewish Community Center, like he has done in the past. I wonder when Mr. Kulich will be making a statement that he does not support pedophiles. I will support Mike’s dream of a peaceful State of Israel if he keeps the pedophiles out of FSC. That’s all.

Now Mark Franks, he is a man who will talk your ear off, but he has awesome white hair and an even awesomer mustache. He could talk about how he’s built his business into a successful chain of adult megastores. He could talk about running a profitable company that I hope would be free of pedophiles.

And of course the great Amber Lynn. What else can be said about a legend. And I would think that legend would not want a pedophile sitting next to her on a board.

Mark Shechter of ATMLA. You wanna bring respectability back to your agency and not be known as the agency with all the syphilis and HIV talent?
You sure as shit don’t wanna be known as the pedophilia agency.

Chanel Preston. I love Chanel. The press release came out that she was part of five people who were running for this very prestigious board and she tweeted that she had just done her first interracial gangbang for Dogfart. Nuff said.

There you go guys. There are the people who are running for the board. This was announced November 25th. You would think that by the time people started voting they would say something. Anything.

Three of the five seats on the are being held by prominent members of the industry, Christian Mann, Bob Christian and Larry Garland. If Mike Kulich wants to unseat any of those three men, he would be lobbying for the reforms he’s gonna bring to the business.

But he’s not. Neither is Mo Reese or Amber Lynn. I remember there was a big controversy last year when she tried to get on the board. She was squawking about this big conspiracy to keep her old ass off the board and Bill Margold got involved and everything. Now you don’t hear from Amber Lynn or Bill Margold. You don’t hear from anybody. Amber tweets about doing Gold Shows.

You don’t hear from anybody that they’re gonna go in there and shake things up and go to Diane Duke and say, “No more pedophiles, bitch!”

If Amber Lynn was here I would ask her, “Listen, why aren’t you asking these questions? Where are you? Where’s your big mouth?

Mike Kulich, you like to sell eight year old footage of Sasha Grey to donate money to charities and get your face out there. Why don’t you do the same thing and denounce Kurt Brackob/Treptow?

Chanel Preston. Anal gangbangs. Great. Awesome.

No word from anybody since November 25. This pedophile has been running around with the FSC leadership for a year.

Fucking bizarre.

You say, “Well, Rob, because it’s all a sham. It doesn’t matter. It’s all bullshit. You know that Rob.”

Exactly. So why are we all supporting this fucking charade? Why are we giving it ink? Why are these performers wasting their fucking time?

Listen, I’m going to survive regardless. I don’t need to suck a dick at Air-Tel Plaza or hope I get a directing gig with Porn Pros for a hundred dollars. I’ll sit here and sell clips and lounge in my glorious studio here at the Star Gardens strip club on Lankershim Blvd.

I’m just amused that none of you who look to this organization for leadership are outraged. Every single one of you, one way or another are getting taxed by these motherfuckers.

Now that Mike Kulich is officially on the list of candidates, can we get his official position on child fucking? Yes or no?

Super gonorrhea yes or no? Is it out there? Yes or no. There is no maybe.

The voting is officially underway and we haven’t gotten one word about hepatitis, pedophilia, anything.

We’ve got Chanel Preston dong interracial anal gangbangs. Amber Lynn doing Gold Shows. Mo Reese. Mike Kulich. Mark Franks. Mark Schecter. Who knows?

You’re all fucked. This Free Speech Coalition is Diane Duke. Christian Mann. Marci Hirsch. Jeffrey Douglas. There’s so many issues we could talk about besides phantom diseases. I’m gonna be here everyday being the only person talking about any of these things. It’s pathetic. But it is what it is.

The Free Speech Coalition is corrupt. But you all give them a pass. You let them off the hook. You all think Diane Duke is the evil wizardress who controls and runs everything.

But the motherfucker killing you is the one who is staring back at you in the mirror. Until you stop the pattern of letting Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition abuse you and stop giving them a pass, you’re all going to get exactly what you deserve.

But until then, it is what it is.

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