Nowz Dah Time 2 Get On Board

WORLD WIDE WEB – Have you seen the amount of updates this site got in the last two days? “Every time I check the damn site, there was something new on it,” DJ of told AdultFYI.
This rapid update system you may have noticed recently isn’t some little thing we’re doing just to suck you in, this is how AdultFYI will provide for you on a daily basis. There are no other news services in adult that have, do or will, update as often with hot news, gossip, reviews and fun features.

Anyone in adult internet knows, those who update the most frequently and provide good content, win the game. It’s a true story. We see it if we take a day off for reasons beyond our control. The hits drop, the people go away because there’s nothing new to see. I’m sure as I say this, other sites will now follow suit and update a little more often too.

Regardless, we plan to give you the raw ‘chit man and you can count on it!

Since we just launched and we’re working out the kinks, design of the site, etc., we’re going to start our advertising rates very low. And as we grow, we’re going to boost them considerably, but we’re not going to screw over those who believed in us from the beginning. In other words, buy now at the low rate, and keep the rate later.

Wayne’s site TopProTalent and Gene’s site TheRealGeneRoss already received tens of thousands of hits a day. Now as the two combine, our hosting company is scrambling to keep enough bandwidth available. That being the case, you want to get on board, pumping your company, ASAP.

For more information contact me here: [email protected] or contact Gene at [email protected].


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