NYC Shuts Down Trojan/Vibrator Giveaway Due to Permit Issues Then Reschedules the Following Day

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from – From buzz kill to good vibrations. What a difference a day makes.

After being shut down by the city on Wednesday due to permit issues, Trojan spread the love [Thursday]. Two Ryder trucks filled with vibrators were empty, following the giveaway in the Meatpacking District.

In all, the company said it gave away 4,000 complimentary Pulse and Tri-Phoria vibrators. At times, the line wrapped around the block and some people waited as long as 45 minutes to get their free vibrator, 1010 WINS’ Eileen Lehpamer reported.

“Not many people can say they got a free vibrator in New York City,” one woman told Lehpamer.

The company issued a press release on Tuesday saying it would be giving away 10,000 vibrators on Wednesday and Thursday on a “first come, first serve” basis.

Hundreds of pleasure-seekers gathered around the “pleasure cart” in the Flatiron district hoping to get their hands on a new toy.

And that’s when the city pulled the plug on the promotion, citing permit issues.

That rubbed some the wrong way. One woman blamed Mayor Bloomberg for putting the kibosh on the giveaway on Wednesday, but said she was glad the company got the right permits for the hand-out today.

“That means people will be home doing their own thing and not out and about in the city causing trouble,” the happy recipient of a free vibrator told Lehpamer.

The company issued the following statement on its Facebook page earlier in the day on Thursday: “Yesterday was just the foreplay…our toe-curling, record breaking Trojan Vibes giveaway will climax today at 5 p.m. With official NYC permits in hand (thanks City of New York!), the Trojan Vibrations Pleasure Carts have reloaded and will be serving up pleasure tonight from 5-7 pm in the Meatpacking District on the corner of 14th Street and 9th Avenue. Pick up a complimentary Pulse or Tri-Phoria vibrator while supplies last. First come, first served.”

from – On Wednesday, Trojan planned to pass out thousands of vibrators to sexually liberated men and women throughout New York City.

Hot dog pushcarts were loaded with Trojan’s Tri-Phoria and Pulse models (a different kind of sausage than usual), to be distributed to passersby until the stock ran out. Handouts were scheduled to begin as early as 11 AM, while the main buzz, so to speak, was to commence at 4 PM.

Initially, the shy side of me blushed at the idea of publicly seeking a bedroom-oriented product, but then my sexually-liberated-woman side said, “Fuck it! If it’s fine for men to masturbate—and casually drop the topic into conversation—why should I be bashful about a FREE product that might be my new favorite toy?!”

Apparently thousands of other New York women felt the same way. I rounded up a few fellow sexually-liberated-woman friends of mine, with the plan to meet up at the Russian Vodka Room to load up on courage before going out to find our tickets to pleasuretown.

Three potent martinis later we weaved our way to the East Village, where I was disappointed to see not a million expectant, vibrator-loving faces but just a tiny girl in a purple Trojan polo shirt with a notebook in her hands.

“Where’s the goods?” I slurred at her. As the four of us surrounded this poor waif, another Trojan rep, Eric, swooped in to help. With a defeated expression and fake smile, Eric answered some basic questions my friend and I were anxious to know the answers to, namely: Where are all the vibrators?

It turned out City Hall shut down the event down faster than your dad beat up your high-school boyfriend after he busted you two fooling around. The event drew such an unexpectedly high turnout that permits would have been necessary for the mass of people that gathered. How was Trojan supposed to predict the turnout, you ask? Well, they promised to give away 10,000 free sex toys and 10,000 free vibrators = 10,000 people, geniuses!

Eric said the event would be rescheduled the next day and took our email addresses with the promise of free vibrators, but in my head I was already calling bullshit—that was PR damage control if I’ve ever seen it. To add insult to injury, Eric ended the conversation with a sales pitch: “If you really want one of the products, you can find them in the aisles of your local drugstore.”

Confused and unsatisfied, we walk-of-shamed away from the experience. “It’s better to tease than to please,” should be Trojan’s new vibrator ad campaign. While Eric said they planned to pass out product on Thursday, I never received an email or any notification, despite having directly contacted the address on the business card he so eagerly bestowed upon me.

Trojan did, in fact, end up passing out sex toys on Thursday, but I wasn’t going to devote any more of my time to not getting off. I’m not desperate, after all. Not that desperate.

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