NYC’s Top Prostie Goes to Jail

NY- An auburn-haired beauty once touted as New York’s No. 1 escort at $2,000-an-hour cried like a baby yesterday as she was sent to jail after being unable to make $50,000 bail.

Natalie McLennan’s brown eyes filled with tears and her body convulsed in sobs as Manhattan Supreme Court guards handcuffed her before hauling her off to Rikers Island.

“Not guilty,” McLennan’s voice quivered as she answered an indictment charging her with money laundering and promoting prostitution.

Her attorney, Barry Zorn, pleaded for her to be freed on her own recognizance. But Justice Michael Ambrecht sided with prosecutors, who called the Canadian-born defendant a flight risk.

“She was not merely a call girl,” argued prosecutor Jeffrey Davis.

He charged that McLennan – known in the underworld sex trade as “Natalia” – held a “managerial position” and “hired and fired prostitutes” for an escort enterprise called NY Confidential.

Ambrecht ordered McLennan jailed at the female lockup at Rikers Island, not far from where her boyfriend, Jason Itzler, founder of NY Confidential and the self-professed King of All Pimps, is housed.

McLennan, once voted a Perfect 10 by clients on an Internet site that rates escorts, was being held on $50,000 bail.

In July, McLennan, the 1996 Canadian tap-dance champ, outed herself as a high-priced hooker in a cover story in New York magazine.

“I’m a little moneymaking machine, that’s what I am,” McLennan said in the article, boasting of a client list that included a professional quarterback and Wall Street bigwigs.

Itzler, who proposed marriage to McLennan, has been jailed since January, when his sprawling NY Confidential brothel at 79 Worth St. in lower Manhattan was busted by cops.

“Yes, he [Itzler] sold the [expletive] out of me, but he sold me as myself, someone anyone can be comfortable with, someone who really likes sex,” McLennan told New York magazine. “Because the truth is, I do. I loved my job, totally.”

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