Obamas sons and daughters at it again: Alleged Kidnapping in Chicago broadcast live on Social Media!

So these fucking animals, a couple of Obama’s sons, kidnapped and beat this young man while Rhodes Scholar Brittney Herring broadcast the whole thing over social media for all to see – including law enforcement. Now these morons are in custody. Oh, this took place in Obama’s hometown of Chicago where blacks murder each other every day in record numbers. Watch as this young man is tortured as the animals call him a “Bitch ass nigger,” and  “Fuck white people” and “Fuck Donald Trump.”

These are the last days of Obama, and this is Obama’s America. Just imagine the horrible degree of white hatred if Hillary had been elected..?

Thanks Black Lives Matter. You have successfully ruin black people for generations to come. Look at this shit.

Breaking: the alleged kidnappers have been arrested. Also, the victim was a special needs person. What a heartbreaking and disturbing development.

They are Niggers!!! Please don’t throw decent educated mannerly intelligent blacks in the mix.

See the thing is the average iq of American blacks is 85 not very good… Also you account for only about 12.8% of the population. Also even in a country like South Africa where whites were 10 % of the population they were able to oppress the black population probably due to intelligence. See this is like a poke to a bull. Whites consistently throughout history have shown they’re superior whether through invention or just ability to organize. So you should be a little scared the only reason you’re not still picking up things for us is cause we fought each other. Your history is fairly pathetic actually really pathetic…

These stupid animals are all in jail already. Your entire race will be locked up by the time we are done with you. YOu don’t control jack shit…lmao so stupid. TRUMP baby! deal with it. A REAL man is in office not that punk ass biatch OBAMA lmao. 10 white men can conquer 100 black men any day. The power of intelligence. Good luck with your bs. you better start bowing down to your boss boy.

There are black people, who are awesome and beautiful, and then there are niggers. These savages that you apologize for are niggers.

Lizard brain modality. They continue to embarrass my race, all black people aren’t like this. Only the MSM brainwashed, ignorant, marxist, socialist, liberal trash. Seriously something needs to be done about liberalism, its a cancerous ulcer on the face of humanity. If i try to talk some sense into people like this, I’m ridiculed. Honestly i hate to give up on other human beings, but i think some are beyond help. These fools have fully embraced ignorance and stupidity, they are drug addicts, criminals and scum. They take pride in this and have embraced big government, which means they have embraced evil and slavery. The racists in the comment section here are just as bad as the racists in the video – you are both of the same pile of fecal matter. Brainwashed, and ignorant of the world around you, as far as I’m concerned you all need to off yourselves and do humanity a favor. That way we can move forward as a species.

Small correction.    These are “niggers”.  You on the other hand, appear to be a “black person”.    No comparison and don’t ever let the world lump you in with these sub-humans based solely on color.

This is why the rest of the world hates blacks.

this chick’s facebook isn’t private and she is getting absolutely torn apart right now lmao

Glad these cunts got caught. If even one BLM person defends this the movement dies for sure.

Why do we let 13% of the population use 25% of social welfare again? Send them fucking back. Blacks are obviously a detriment to our society. They’re poorer, less educated, less likely to work, and less intelligent than whites, latinos, and asians.

The only group of people in EARTH’S HISTORY that never could pull themselves from poverty and ignorance, the education system has failed them all.

Do any oblivious white people now realize how much hate is actually felt toward them?

Twitter will allow fake “hate crimes” to trend 4 days but and keep “mysteriously” disappearing fm the trends

If was white and the victim black, #Chicago would be burning now and @wolfblitzer reporting non-stop.

If the suspects were white & the victim was black would be destroying the local hair extention store

and her little gang of racist thugs need to be held accountable. If she was white & victim black it would be 24/7 coverage!

video taken down. According to YT racially motivated attack on a white person is: spam/scam.








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